Trump’s Amazing Energy.

Parsa says: “The Mueller Team’s facial recognition data all read with the same building blocks of socialism, yet we traced their frequencies via bio-metric technologies, voice, face and sentence patterns that matched identical patterns created by the AI within the Internet socialist programs.” What is Parsa saying? He seems to be saying that “we discovered red was red.” Parsa is a very erratic writer and he ignores grammar most of the time. Next he says, the unfortunate Robert Mueller was just a pawn of the bio-digital social programming to stop Trump’s offence against a socialist dictatorship. What follows is not even a sentence, but I will try to interpret it. It seems to be saying that the Socialist Rape-Mind programming entered Mueller, but it was against his will because his mind was being influenced by an AI Bio-Digital Automation. To Parsa this apparently means that Mueller was not susceptible to evil acts, but could be controlled. We are all by this time probably controlled, but people who think for themselves not so much.

Next he discusses how over a thousand media reporters were programmed to attack President Trump. All their programming was traced back to the AI socialist programming. They found multiple AI Rape-Mind replicating software that displays their bio-digital imprints and brain structures which form their thoughts and beliefs at the sub-conscious level in an automated fashion. It is truly scary that people are not carrying out the acts of their own will. This is easily observed on TV when partisans argue about which candidate is better. Both sides have been programmed. I still can’t decide who I’m going to vote for, but probably be Trump-he’s done so much good, and he’s behind the arrests of the child sex traffickers. I love Biden personally, but he will allow the Deep State to regain power. Back to the journalists, emotional outbursts and lack of impartiality are required by the job and caused by bio-digital social programming via the Internet, the human bio-digital network, smart phones, and all connecting via a socialist platform to knock out Trump and allow AI and robotics to dominate China and the world. (There was an attempted coup when Trump was President-Elect. The Deep State, led by Comey and many others, tried to prove that Russia helped Trump get elected. There are investigations going on right now about this, and there is obstruction, too. On another subject, I heard on MSM that arrests of child sex traffickers were taking place. That is no longer a conspiracy theory. Trump is strong and doesn’t care who hates him. But gun fire at the White House is not rare, so its necessary to have Marines there as well as Secret Service.

Social programming is intended to hurt the people, us, who are programmed, as well as the country, and the future of humanity. Multiple human detecting apparatus displayed malevolent bio-matter being sent through written words, speech, gesture and facial attribute building blocks. Whoever took them in was getting hurt. The AI actually looked for weakness or things to question in Trump’s past in order to enlarge them. It was a coded tactic to distract humanity from what events in China, AI, Robotics, Organ Trafficking and the very person and administration that can assist in saving the world from the destruction codes the team found within the Internet and the human bio-digital network.

As noted before Trump has a bio-digital field radius of 5 blocks. If the resulting circle were filled in with thousands of people, Trump’s field would be stronger than all those thousands of fields combined. His walk caused digital shaking in the ground under him; he is deeply grounded into the earth. He can keep working with little sleep. He apparently flies around the earth without complaining of jet lag. He has an expansive sphere of energy behind his back that powers and regenerates his human bio-digital network. It is connected and related to everything having to do with his presidency and his administration. This power source is not connected to his already strong bio-digital field, but was filled with positive building block codes of growth, protection and repair. The codes translated closely with benevolence. It was not generated by AI, but came from beyond the AI global bio-digital network. And finally, only Trump could take on China.

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