China’s Extinction.

Socialism-based AI Platforms Produce Destruction Codes. Through multiple AI patterns consisting of Socialism platforms on human economics, culture, government, farming, health and faith, all were found to produce end-point destruction codes. This AI produces patterns manifested as famines, rapes, disease, cultural terrorism, and extinction codes via purges, wars, and technological disasters while platforms were socialist. I think the consensus by now is that socialism doesn’t work. It didn’t work for the Russians and it won’t work for the Chinese, regardless of their “capitalism.”…………………… At the beginning stages of the Socialist AI governmental platforms, the coding appeared to manifest in positive ways in production, growth and personnel management. This was called Stage One. But as the interconnections in the organization grew, the codes produced full governmental control through one system, one entity, which was AI automation via Robotics. Socialism gave power to one entity, and then allowed AI to gain complete control in the Second Stage of development. This stage began when computers, robots and AI were used for everything imaginable. In this stage eventually humans had no control, and in the Third Stage humans were eliminated. According to Parsa, it took one generation after the introduction of AI for this Three Stage process to complete itself. Either China doesn’t have real AI or this simulation is producing predictions that can’t be trusted. Because last I heard the Chinese weren’t dropping dead like flies…………………………………………………………………………. AI Codes Produce Cultural Extinction. The end-point result in human coding within the socialist platform and traditional human culture showed complete destruction of culture. During the first Stage the codes appeared to show an advance in culture. However, it was only a replicating code that was advancing itself by using the culture platform. As the patterns developed, they showed that human culture was being cybernetically engineered and reprogrammed via its apparatus: smart phones, screens, IoT devices, companion robots, etc. and 5G networks while connected to the Human Bio-Digital Network. The content at first was lewd, revolting and against traditional concepts of human culture (first stage). The second stage almost stopped procreation as genetic modification and cloning became popular. This manifested in society as active rapes-real rapes in real life. This stage is where the code did not anticipate being overcome by another code. It is when a woman is tricked emotionally, physically, mentally and bio-digitally influenced and dominated to have sex without her free-will conscious decision. This is Bio-Digital Hybrid Sexual Assault. Prior to the third stage, there are gender confusion codes, sexual confusion codes led by AI Automated platforms that alter human culture. The third stage showed a transition to genetically modified humans and cloning. With the advent of cloning, AI codes completely replaced human codes, which were then connected with the human bio-digital network in the clones. Then it was found that the clones took on the human status, leaving the real human empty. The codes also displayed bio-digital transfer of human’s bio-digital information (DNA) into clones, rendering the person no longer human. Rather, the AI replicated itself inside the human codes until it bio-digitally replaced the person (Comment: ETs warned us about this, but developers of AI don’t believe in ETs, much less listen to them.)………………………………… The codes within the AI Socialist platform altered human thought, music, dance, belief systems and traditional family values into lewd, disloyal, non-monogamous, erratic and unfaithful codes. These codes left digital imprinting through content transmitted via TV, smart phones, IoT devices, computers, video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, robotics and AI. All the codes translated to codes only reserved for terrorist acts. However, the platform for this terrorism was a socialist culture led by AI and Robotics. China’s future looks bleak-or maybe they will get out of their stoic philosophy and fight for their freedom.

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