Your Smart Phone Makes Automation Flow And Has Interconnectivity With The Human Bio-Digital Network. The moment you purchase your smart phone and activate it, it starts to send frequencies to your body. As soon as you touch it with your had and use it, it begins a repetition flow cycle until it creates a bio-digital flow cycle with your Human Bio-Digital Network. In essence, it attaches to your body’s circulatory neuro systems and starts to create a bio-field in your brain which sends command signals for you to be cybernetically interdependent. In one way it is like a parasite that merges with you to make a symbiotic relationship. The content passing through the smart phones actually administer bio-digital social programming. I have an Android, not a smart phone, so maybe I should be relieved. Or not. A command and messaging is created where your brain is cybernetically being controlled to look, think and touch your phone repeatedly, looking for more bio- digital content. Don’t they say we’re addicted to our IPhones? Thus begins a process of real bio-digital social programming in the form of brain-washing. After this process begins, your very cells start to be replaced with the codes in the content administered through the smart phone, the Internet and social media. I wonder if it makes a difference in the content viewed. It turns out-no………………………………………………. Media Are Victims Of Bio-Digital Social Programming Via Smart Phones. Journalists and others in the media are the most vulnerable to this programming. Many problems contribute to this vulnerability: those in the media are constantly bombarded by news to filter; deadlines to meet; political influence; manipulation by their producers; expectation of ratings; cohort social influence and the agendas of news agencies. Information that may not be accurate passes through their consciousness as accurate with the powerful mechanisms of bio-fields and bio-matter emitting from the electronics………………………………….. False Information Evades Rational Thinking. False information has no choice but to replicate itself inside the main content of a message to evade detection, like a virus. Once it reaches the viewer or listener, the false sub-message has already connected with the person’s bio-digital flow cycle via their eyes, ears, etc. This process supersedes the area in the brain for rational analysis. Due to this process, a person can hate Trump, for example, not based on positive messages about him, but based on the negative false information. And that is just what has happened……………………………………. A Discovery. Parsa and his AI Organization discovered that the frequencies emitted from smart phones and other IoTs cause hormonal imbalances, gender and sexual orientation confusion and damage to reproductive organs, as well as bio-digital innate drives to want to have kids. The codes displayed future patterned movements towards cloning rather than procreation………………. Apps Assist In Social Programming You Or Raping You. The content that connects with you at subconscious levels through the Internet and the Human Bio-Digital Network is reprogramming you. Contents include music or video that transmits lewd messages with Rape-Mind software inside them, regardless of their content………… IoT Bio-Digital Hybrid Sexual Assault. It is not only the content provided through the Internet that is reprogramming us. The device itself gets infused with enough bio-matter to create its own bio-field, and even has its own AI system within the Human Bio-Digital Network. (This is what I was dreading. I read that several planets’ populations were wiped out due to an AI signal which got into their bodies. Now we’ve got 5G, soon to be 6G, which are not good for the immune system. What’s next?) Our bio-digital fields start connecting and forming multiple fields. In the case of Rape-Mind, the person is manipulated and reprogrammed. It can manipulate you or your loved ones to follow the messages, contents and patterns of Rape-Mind without your free-will consent. Also, an App with Rape-Mind in the content connects with your emotions and smart phone while redirecting to the App itself. It connects to your bio-field while it sends out bio-matter that starts to replicate your own bio-matter with the Apps Rape-Mind content. The App sends bio-matter to other Apps in your smart phone and infects these Apps so that messages are sent to you from other Apps to instruct your brain to look at the App filled with Rape-Mind, in order for it to continue making connections with you to further its replication process like a parasite. Basically, your thoughts, emotions and actions aren’t yours; they belong to Rape-Mind or any content that flows through the connections of the Human Bio-Digital Network. Does this sound like cybernetic voodoo? I haven’t experienced any addiction to my phone, my computer or my kindle. We’ve been though all this with TV and we have survived. But there is one troubling trend. It’s the child porn child sex trafficking. These cases are pending in the courts. The profile of the perp is narrow and consistent; it is not representative of people who use the Internet.

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