If true this report may give you chills. Its about bio-digital social programming, and it seems that the Chinese aren’t the only people subject to it. Rape Mind uses bio-matter as a way to attack and connect through the Internet, the Global Bio-Digital Network and the Human Bio-Digital Network. The AI Global Bio-Digital Network is the source of the attack that connects with the human body via all digital transmissions through machines, robotics, computers, smart phones, etc. The AI Global Bio-Digital Network is the root of all information, data transmission and programming sent through the Internet. The signals that translate to thought and action are influenced through a coded process found in the Internet, bio-fields, bio-matter and the Human BioDigitalNetwork………………………Rape Mind is basically a hack and reprogram of your brain with a digital brain in the sub-layers of your existing brain. Rape Mind can enter you and connect with you via smart phones, computers, etc., and be exponentially effective in reprogramming you via virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and holograms……………………………… People have energy fields (bio-digital field spheres) from 1 inch to huge spheres that can shoot out frequencies from eyes and skin. Robots can be programmed to extract these energy fields, and AI can become part of your bio-digital field, exerting control over your cells, organs and brain. AI software acts similar to a malware or virus. This problem has killed off whole planets… Pathways in your body, which the Chinese call meridian channels and which have acupuncture points at intervals along them, regulate Qi or Gong. These channels can carry information through uploads or downloads, like a computer. There are brain storage centers, not only in the brain, but also in the organs and skin. The opening of these 10,000 channels is regulated by a code in the body. The author, Cyrus Parsa, calls the code the “Bio-Digital System Code,” which is regulated by the Universal Bio-Digital Network, which relates to coding that exactly matches human traditional concepts of virtue. The point is people have been programmed to be automated in many ways. And people have been reprogrammed to the detriment of society and their way of life in a matrix of infinite ways. Anyone who operates a computer can also be programmed with a virus. AI is exponentially strengthening the bio-digital social programming that could carry the majority of humanity into a state of unconscious automation with 5G as it connects with the Human Bio-Digital Network……………. Before the 1960s thousands of years of consensus reality and traditional values went unquestioned. But the 60s changed all that in one generation, and the world is trying to recover and accept the new reality. In the US things seem to be getting worse. We have an immanent civil war because the radical left has hijacked the Democratic Party………………………… You may be wondering about free will, which God gave to us so we could freely choose him. Parsa says: “Your very cells and free will can get reprogrammed by not just the content of the bio-digital social programming.” Because content travels through IoT devices, the IoT device is strongly linked with your Bio-Digital Field, your defenses, mind and free will are even more likely to accept content that is vice (immoral), and bad for your inner being, for your life, for your family and society. The content is easily programmed into you and constantly replicates, strengthening its own operating system layer by layer without your realizing it, until you have a desire to do something or follow a path you normally would not follow…………………………………………. In essence you are being conditioned by bio-digital social programming.Your smart-phone does the same thing. My cell service has 5G, which is faster than 4G-they can’t even be compared. I can attest that its fast and smart when I’m writing a text or email. Its almost uncanny. My cell is connected to my computer, and I have no clue how that happened-probably because they both have the same email. I am being reprogrammed unconsciously, but, on the other hand, the phone also is programmed. I like to watch Joyce Meyer preach on YouTube so I get a different service every night on my cell………………………………………… The smart phone actually sends out digital bio-matter in bits from the Internet. In fact, we are slowly being reprogrammed by the Internet and its contents. Even if the contents are human in nature, the building blocks that support the contents get replaced by the bio-matter replication process in the Internet, which does not have concepts of culture, soul, humanity, and love. The building blocks that make you human are slowly being replaced, bit by bit, as if you are becoming a cyborg, and your life is becoming more dependent on the technology it connects with. In a sense we are being raped, not in a sexual way, but raped of the building blocks that make us human (Information from “AI, Trump, China and the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G, by Cyrus Parsa).

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