The Good Guys and the Bad Guys; today its the Bad Guys. Our information about these purely evil Chinese Communist Party operatives comes from the book by Cyrus Parsa titled “AI, Trump, China and the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G.” Bio-Engineering Human-Animal Hybrids with AI. The Chinese military with the aid of Chinese tech companies and data extracted from rogue western scientists are experimenting on prisoners and victims in concentration camps. They are attempting to genetically modify human beings and animals, to create human/animal hybrids. Human stem cells are being injected into animals, and animal stem cells are being injected into humans prior to birth. They are also transplanting animal body parts into humans (before you criticize the Chinese, dubious enhancements are given to supersoldiers in this country. The US Congress has tried to curtail the development of human hybrids, but with little success. Dolfins have been crossed with humans to make war under the sea, and there is talk of mermaids. You can bet that whatever the Chinese military is doing, the US military is doing it too. China has hundreds of research institutes working on human/animal hybrids, and many humans have died in the process. Now they are attempting to use AI and Robotics to lead this creation and development……………….. Creation of Human Clones. Chinese companies, backed by the Regime and the military, are experimenting in creating human clones. They are using AI and Robotics to assist in their research and production of clones. Their clones are implanted with cybernetic materials in order to control them via a command center, a smart phone, computer, IoT or AI Automated software………………………. Human/Animal Bio-Engineering and Genetic Enhancements with AI. The Chinese are experimenting with genetic modification and drugs that are meant to enhance a human’s innate abilities, senses and intelligence. But, says Parsa, the drugs are making people hallucinate, have seizures and have violent outbursts. The kind of people given the drugs is not ideal: non-compliance with the program, or the government and full of anger……………………………. There are three tiers of factories being built in China. The first tier is a highly classified tier belonging to the military. The third tier involves espionage of other tech companies, open source and forced IP transfer domestically and abroad. Today in China you cannot book a hotel or travel to another city without permission or pre-screening. About 1 billion people are living under surveillance management of their daily lives with indoctrination and fear of retaliation from the Regime…………………………. The tech companies have built apps that monitor heart rate, organ condition, menstrual cycle, emotions, and have software that attempts to read thoughts and intentions via human bio-metrics. These apps detect if a human is in compliance with the system and have organs that are suitable for organ transplant…….. Making a purchase in China is highly hazardous. All your data is uploaded from your digital devices. You can be cut off from your purchase at any time, be found in a crowd, targeted, quarantined, put in a concentration camp and worse. All due to misunderstood words, thoughts or actions that passed through some algorithms skewed in the Regime’s favor………………. Automated Vehicles and Rideshare. Through human body detection software, facial and voice recognition software and with the use of its motion sensors, an automated car can recognize you, track you and target you on the street if you are on the Regime’s hit list. If the AI guiding system reads on your facial recognition markers that you are not in compliance with thought deemed safe to the socialist system in China, it can signal drones, robots or people to apprehend you. China has a Rideshare system that reaches 3 billion people. But if you use it, maybe you should pay in cash……………………………… Now the next creation is truly bizarre. China is creating AI Robots for Japan to put in its monasteries. These Robots will act as priests and Head Abbots. The advantage of this crazy plan is that the Robots will not die; they will always be there to teach the wisdom of the centuries. The Robot will be a middle-man between man and God. This is the stepping-stone to kill, not only faith, but humanity itself.

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