Jesus and the Kingdom of God. The Gospel of Luke. There are genealogies in both Matthew and Luke, but they are in reverse order. Luke’s goes back through Joseph through David to Adam; Matthew starts with Abraham,goes to David, (Solomon’s mother is not named because David had Uriah killed so he could “marry” her. He ends with Mary giving birth to Jesus. He gives credit to the mothers of these men. Matthew’s genealogy is organized into three groups of 14 generations, emphasizing Jesus’ Davidic lineage, since 14 is the numerical equivalent of the name of “David” in Hebrew. Luke’s genealogy emphasizes the number 7, the number of perfection. Enoch, who “walked with God,” was known to be seventh from Adam (Gen 5:22,24). However, of greater perfection is Jesus, presented by Luke as the 77th from Adam. Several key figures occupy a multiple of seven in the list: Abraham 21, David 35, Joshua 49. Matthew and Luke both highlight the fact that Jesus is a descendant of David. Expecting a Davidic messiah, families in the Davidic line carefully preserved their genealogical records……. After Jesus is baptized, he is led out into the wilderness where the devil tempts him. The devil tempts him to do three foolish and desperate acts which no man in his right mind would do. It amounted to giving up his Father’s kingdom for a little bit of pleasure on earth. The devil didn’t understand Jesus at all. Lucifer and his lieutenant Satan were put on trial for their crimes on Uversa, the Orvonton headquarters, and they are gone. Today’s Satan worshipers are probably conjuring a leftover demon or their own inner demons. That demon actually thought Jesus would trade the glory of Paradise for the paltry kingdoms of earth? And worship the devil? That devil must have been mentally challenged. It couldn’t have been Lucifer. He was once a magnificent angel. One supposes he was intelligent enough to know he couldn’t scam Jesus. Jesus had more power and authority than all the worldly kingdoms combined. Jesus replied: “You shall worship the Lord your God, and him alone you shall serve”(Deut 6:13). Jesus quotes from the same chapter in Deuteronomy that contains the Shema, a prayer recited twice daily by devout Jews: “Hear O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord alone.” So simple and beautiful…….. Luke 4:43-44 Jesus is both loved and hated, but neither determines his actions. He must carry out the mission on which he was sent, as described in his mission statement in Nazareth: to proclaim the Good News by preaching it. Jesus begins by preaching in the synagogues. He is rejected by the people in one synagogue for letting them know that the prophecy in Isaiah has been fulfilled here and now. They take him outside and try to throw him off a cliff, but he mysteriously frees himself and walks away. The content of the gospel message is the kingdom of God, the good news that God loves them, and better times are ahead. As Jesus’ ministry of exorcism and healing unfolds, the kingdom of God advances, and the devil’s dominion must retreat…. Jesus starts calling his disciples and preaching the word of God. He knew some of these men before he called them. He surely knew them in a supernatural sense. Simon (Peter) had Jesus to dinner previously…….. Luke 6:17-26 In verse 20 Jesus said to the crowd while looking at his disciples: “Blessed are you who are poor, for the kingdom of God is yours.” The other beatitudes we will experience both in our current lives and in heaven: we will be satisfied; we will laugh; we will be blessed if we are persecuted for Jesus’ sake. “Blessed are you who are poor” does not mean destitute, but some measure of economic poverty was a familiar reality for people in Galilee at the time. This situation would lead the poor to greater reliance on God. These pious poor, or “anawim” are those to whom Jesus comes to bring glad tidings. Worldly kingdoms won’t give them happiness; only the Kingdom of God will do that…………………… Luke 6:27-38 This is Part 2 of the Sermon on the Plain. Verse 35 says: “Love your enemies and do good to them, and lend, expecting nothing back; then your reward will be great and you will be the children of the Most High, for he himself is kind to the ungrateful and the wicked. Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.” I’m always curious when Jesus uses “Most High” to refer to The Universal Father, God. The Most Highs are the 3 rulers of the Constellation Norlatiadek, the capital planet of which is Edenta. Our system of inhabited planets is called Satania, and its capital/headquarters is the huge artificial planet called Jerusem. After we reach Paradise, Jerusem will be our permanent home no matter where we are. Satania is the 24th system in Norlatiadek. There are 100 systems in this and every constellation. Norlatiadek is number 70 in the universe of Nebadon, which consists of 100 constellations and has an artificial planet capital or headquarters named Salvington. There are 7 superuniverses and the number of Earth is 5,342,482,337,666. That is the number in the catalog of inhabited planets. Outer space is being developed. Development involves nebulae and spinning them using power directors to create a universe with its planets, stars and galaxy. The plans for the a new universe are drawn up by the Paradise Architects of the Master Universe. The creative plan of the Creator Sons (Jesus) follow evolution so the Darwinists win the fight.

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