Goals of the Chinese in Robotics and AI. Bio-Digital social programming has severely affected people working in the media. As Parsa says on his website, “Special interests behind the producers of networks have in recent decades used, pressured or manipulated media members to take positions or personal interest in topics of national interest, that have assisted in creating revolutions in countries that brought misery to millions of people. Now, with AI Automation and bio-digital content being transferred in imperceptible ways via computers, IoT devices and smart phones, the members of the media have become the biggest of the victims of bio-digital programming. This programming powered by AI software, uses the person’s bio-metric system against them to alter their thoughts through the flow cycle being emitted from smart phones and other digital devices.” Of course we’ve known for years that we are receiving subliminal messages from our TVs; we already know the news doesn’t give us true news; the news flatly refuses to cover some events. Now he’s telling us that our TVs are programming us!!………… China, in its resource planning, is attempting to connect to the world, especially Iran. Then why do they call Muslims “Rodents and Cockroaches?” Why do they keep Muslims in camps, denying them freedom? China is investing in Africa, but its more like exploiting Africa. China wants control over their financial systems, their resources, and to have the people dependent on China. The Chinese Socialist platform with the Mainland Chinese mindset thinks long term and is very cautious about making moves. If they are to use someone, they never let them know. If they are to act, they only do so if they have a high probability of success and they have reached their long-term goal of asset takeover (Parsa). In closed-door sessions of high ranking Communist Party members, there is a mole, a Communist who leaks to the West. Party members call Africans (are you ready for this?) “Dumb apes, dark monkeys and really worthless Africans”). A travel book for tourists in China sourced in China says, “We have no racism in China because we have no black people.”…. China and the US have never had a war, but there are high-ranking military voices who talk war. And there are numerous asset takeovers by Chinese businessmen in the US….. The Chinese government engages in illegal organ trafficking. The first target group were Tibetans, Uighurs, Christians, then Falun Dafa practitioners and democracy advocates. The Christians are House Christians. That means they meet in houses in a secretive way, they aren’t protected by the government, and if caught, they go to the camps. The other Christians are protected by the government, but their bishop is selected by the government for his obedience to the Party and its Catholic. There are 50,000 to 100,000 undocumented transplants in the world since 2,000 and most of them were probably performed in China. A client from another country spoke about the high quality of the organs………………………….. Through research and development of bio-engineering, holograms, augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality, cybernetics, cloning and AI Automation, a Chinese company is attempting to create a digital you, so that you can be extracted from your body and live in a digital world or a computer-generated world. There is a problem, though. What happens to your physical body when you or your spirit leaves it? I am sure it would be no problemo for the Chinese–they would throw it in the furnace. I mentioned previously that we have the technology to suck the spirit out of the body. This has grave implications for Christians. Will Jesus act in some way to save me from this? Can I escape after I’m pulled out of my body? Do they have the ability to reach the bottom where the soul rests and where the God-connection is strongest?………………………..Weaponization projects will give robots the ability to send bio-digital frequencies to connect with your digital self after it is created. I think these plans are in the clouds now…………………… The Chinese have a truly morbid project (they must be channeling Mary Shelly): a corporation backed by the military is experimenting cybernetically by severing heads and attempting to attach them to brain-dead victims. This will be one step in the transplantation of the digital mind and brain to a new body. Heads are surgically removed, spinal cords fused with donor or victim bodies, and electricity is used to stimulate new nerve connections. Chinese labor camps provide live bodies for these experiments. So far, the Chinese appear to be failing at this enterprise, and they are “stealing, extracting and collaborating IP from Western companies” (Parsa in ” AI, Trump, China & the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G”).

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