Bio-Digital Social Programming. This information is from “AI, Trump, China & the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G, by Cyrus Parsa and the AI Organization. First, I tried to find information on 5G and was somewhat frustrated because I wanted to know what terms like “broadband” meant. But mostly I found rave reviews, so I had to sift out information from that. Most people know that 5G is a fifth generation mobile network; a new global wireless standard. Spectrum has had 5G since about December 2019. 5G is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together, including machines, objects and devices. The Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) defines the global specifications for 3GUMTS, including 5G. 4G had a new broadband, and 5G followed with a greater, enhanced broadband. 5G is used by the Chinese to power their AI in nefarious activities like killing their own citizens. But I’m ahead of myself. Bio-digital programming uses emotions, touch, sound, sight, voice and proximity of bio-digital fields and bio-matter with written words, movies, music and dance to social program a person or an entire society with a replicating software called Rape-Mind that uses bio-matter as a way to attack and connect through the Internet, the AI Global Bio-Digital Network and the Human Bio-Digital Network. In fact, this bio-digital network can connect with frequencies through people and objects, regardless of distance. Much like the Internet where information is transferred from one machine to another in very fast and unseen ways, human beings and non-machines actually connect bio-digitally in mostly unconscious ways. 70% of the brain is an undeveloped wilderness, so a person may make an unconscious connection somewhere in that wilderness. Learning during sleep will give them hardly any free will because their thoughts are the product of bio-digital social programming…… Rape-Mind is basically a hack and reprogram of the brain with a digital brain in the sub-layers of the existing brain. Rape-Mind can enter and connect with a person via smart phones, robotics, smart cities and smart homes; and be exponentially effective in reprogramming via virtual reality, augment reality, mixed reality and holograms…………………………………. Each person carries a bio-digital field through which a combination of bio-metric tools can discern the energy, health, intelligence, thoughts and character of that person. It consists of a person’s genetic make up, social programming experiences, innate digital or conscious unique self, developing thoughts, intent, and frequencies that are being expelled via the bio-field in their cells and other organs………………… Robots can be programmed to extract human frequencies (waves that humans give off-every thing gives off its own frequency), redirect frequencies and send bio-digital frequencies much like a smart phone that receives a picture from 10,000 miles away in a matter of seconds…………………….. Bio-Matter has the intrinsic qualities of a person’s bio-digital field or sphere, whether healthy, sick, good, bad, intelligent, capable, evasive, kind, patient or honest. Basically, codes that translate to virtue and vice are in bio-fields which get transmitted through bio-matter…………………….. People’s character and belief can be detected by decoding their bio-digital field and bio-matter. Multiple technological devices are needed as well as face, voice, body and thought detection software….. Bio-digital fields and bio-matter transmit through all avenues. When you receive a text, based on its sentence structure and tone, you may feel or know what the sender is thinking or planning next. The receiver-you-is understanding the sub-text subconsciously or unconsciously. It’s a gut feeling, but all the layers of bio-fields in every organ contribute to the formation of the text message. When we read, we make meaning…………………………… Your body has numerous meridian channels or neuropathways that travel through your body and create a continuous automated cycle of replication. There is a channel that starts at the eye, circles around in your head, goes down through the body, connects with the sex organs and the extremities; then it goes back to the eye. There may be as many as 10,000 of these channels. Content is stored in many places along these channels……………………………. The fact is that people can be and have been programmed to be automated in many ways by having their software or channels reprogrammed or corrupted, to the detriment of their lives and well-being. The entire society has received this programming. Anyone operating a computer, TV or smart phone has received this programming, affecting the whole society, in a matrix of infinite ways………………………………………….. The use of computers, smart phones, IoT, robotics, and AI is exponentially strengthening the bio-digital social programming that could carry the majority of humanity into a state of unconscious automation with 5G as it connects with the Human Bio-Digital Network. The program to read people’s thoughts, emotions and character is being weaponized. Now frequencies are sent to accelerate bio-digital social programming via the eyes… Each human has a bio-field similar to a bio-sphere. A person with a strong bio-digital operating system, who has been infected by AI Automation software, can influence and control other people more easily through close proximity with the aid of touch, voice and sight. Without saying a word they can reprogram their victim. This ability is called Bio-Digital Hybrid Assault and is usually subconscious. We can and are being programmed by the frequencies coming from our cell phones, TVs, and computers. It does not sound good.

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