AI, Trump, China and the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G, by Cyrus Parsa. Micro-Biotic Terrorism, Assassination and Espionage with Bio-Metric Software. The Chinese have an ambitious plan to put their billion people in a straight-jacket by using digital technology. It is to be hoped that the old men in the party will die off before the plan goes much further. Anyway, they have drones that mimic insects, spiders, cockroaches, snakes, ants, mosquitoes, bats and birds. Bat drones can swarm in the dark and attack people. Bird drones can track people from high in the sky and attack at very fast speeds. Hawks could be dispatched with a delivery system to attack a city. Some of the insect drones can be ordered online. They are developing these drones for military application, espionage and murder. There is also a Bee Drone for artificial pollination. Then there is the Mosquito Drone, which could spread disease over a large area. All of these drones are equipped with facial recognition, night vision and human targeting capability…………………………………….500 Smart Cities, Surveillance and Tracking of Humans Via 5G and Robotics. China is building pilot programs for 500 “Smart Cities,” and its foundation is deeply interconnected with surveillance and tracking of its own citizens. A smart city includes all infrastructure. The scope is within the boundaries of what people will be subject to in their daily lives and the threats people will face with a dictatorship or an AI entity operating their smart city via 5G or 6G in the years to come. Smart cities connect with traffic systems, power grids, water supplies, and factories. With the help of AI via automation, smart cities can command robots, automated cars, food delivery systems, shopping centers, postal delivery systems via drones, micro-bots, smart phones, medical systems, and administration of surveillance and control. The goal is targeting non-conformity. If the curfew is 10pm, the person who stays up late reading is a non conformist. He or she must do what I did–take a flashlight and read under the covers. Race, gender, age, faith or an AI analysis could deem you resistant to control–any of these could pull you from the herd, and into a prison camp…… But don’t forget: The US has more people in jail and prison than Russia and China combined……Any home appliance that connects with the internet can be used to spy, scan, analyze and command the police, military or robots led by AI Automation to arrest you or terminate your life and your family by association. Automated cars can do the same thing, so they are not safe from surveillance anywhere. Hotels are connected to this network, so anyone visiting China is being watched. You could be asleep, and a micro-bot could enter your body via the AI Automation 5G Network to either poison you, kill you or infect you with Bio-Digital Social Programming. The Smart City connects to Shopping Centers. As you enter a shopping mall, the city will not only know your shopping habits, needs and movements, but it will be able to control your shopping experience and ability to shop. At the very least the Chinese are spied on and undergo Bio-Digital Social Programming to accept the way of life being forced on them as controlled by robots, smart cities, AI Automation and government control. Human nature could cease to exist if this is carried far enough. China’s military has access to Bio-Metric and Facial Recognition Data on 6 billion people worldwide. This is scary because they could find a way to enslave the world. They get your data through ride-shares in various countries, from payment gateways (credit cards), apps used to pay for services. The information you give them could be used to have you undergo Bio-Digital Social Programming. Your social networking connections like Facebook can give the Chinese a great deal of valuable information about you. There is an AI facial recognition software under development that, when you walk into a mall, will be able to give you suggestions on what to purchase. And make no mistake, China intends to be the superpower in this century. She’s already flexing her muscles and she has a million man army.

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