Surveillance in America. Everything we do is watched, monitored, tracked and recorded. In fact, they know I’m reading this article now, the title of which is “The End of the American Dream,” by Michael Snyder. The surveillance grid is expanding in thousands of different ways, so if you stopped one form of surveillance, you would hardly make a dent in the astounding growth of this system. The author gives us 19 signs that America is being transformed into a giant surveillance grid. 1. There is new software that will store and analyze millions of our voices. “Voice Grid Nation,” which came from Russia, can analyze and find a match to your voice in seconds and “Speed Pro,” the American name for it, claims a 90% rate of success. 2. Unmanned Aerial Drones will (Are?) be used inside the US to spy on us, you and them. The military has had great success with them and is promoting them to local law enforcement agencies. 3. High Tech Government Scanners can secretly scan you from 164 feet away. Soon, Homeland Security can instantly know what you had for breakfast using a laser-based scanner from 164 feet away. You will be oblivious. These scanners will be deployed at airports and border crossing all over the US. 4. The DNA of Newborn Babies all over the United States is Systematically Collected. The parents of the babies have no idea that this is happening since their permission is not sought. What happens to the blood after it is used is problematic. 5. Twitter is being used to monitor those who use it. Nothing you do on the Internet will ever be private again (Snyder). According to Susanne Posel, Twitter is being used as a law enforcement tool more than ever. I don’t use Twitter, but I’ve had my text disappear. It happened 2 days ago when I was writing about China’s surveillance grid. I will bring it back because it targets people for death. “The Transparency Report” states that the US leads the world in requesting information on their citizens. 6. Your cell phone is spying on you. Authorities are using cell phones to record the identities of people who attend street protests. 7. Students are Increasingly Being Tracked by RFID Microchips (Radio Frequency Identification System). Such chips are becoming part of our lives. The Northside Independent School District in Texas plans to track students at 2 of its campuses using technology implanted in their student ID cards. If successful, it would include 112 schools and 100,000 students. 8. Spy cams in Hospital Bathrooms to Monitor Hand Washing. The less said the better. 9. Spyware that Monitors the Behavior of Government Workers. The software can monitor the workers’ complaints to lawmakers and others about medical devices they think dangerous. The software could be programmed to intercept a Tweet or a Facebook post. It could snap screen shots of their computers. It could even track an employee’s keystrokes, retrieve files from hard drives or search for keywords.

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