AI and Facial Recognition. Facial recognition has evolved to a point that crowds can be engaged, their faces counted, and coded for target analysis. 5G can make this process very effective and lethal for masses of people being targeted. A Robot can scan and tack individuals or groups based on race, ethnicity, color, gender, age, head pose and skin type. This can be used for tracking and targeting people for organ trafficking as the Chinese Regime has been known to do at the state level. Chinese AI has the ability to scan emotions and potential actions, but also your character and whether you are resistant to control. If China’s regime goes unchecked and not eliminated in the next 5 years, this can happen via Robotics connected to 5G and exponentially threaten humanity with the transition from 5G to 6G. The Chinese Regime has gained a deadly tool by scanning over 1 billion Chinese faces, and logged who belongs to what faith, who is an atheist, and who is a communist member in China. (Note: I read a book about Christianity in China. There is the state sanctioned Catholicism and the free Catholicism. The free Catholicism is occasionally subject to raids and long terms in the camps, but the state sanctioned Catholicism is very weird.) Currently the facial recognition software sends data to the command center which notifies the police or military under the Chinese Communist control to capture adherents to various groups resisting the government. The Communist government usually tolerates peaceful religions because they don’t threaten the Regime. But they now must be in line with AI and government control. AI can know your faith, character and resistance to control just by sampling your voice. There is a device created by corporations and MIT that intercepts signals coming from your brain to your vocal cords. The signals-information- are sent to a computer. Eventually, it will be implanted into human brains, and with AI, the person will have access and control to the internet autonomously. By combining many human detection software, including facial and voice software, your exact thoughts can be deciphered from a distance. The Chinese didn’t do this on their own. They did it because they stole western research, they forced technology transfer, they collaborated with western tech companies, open source sharing, IP theft, merging. In fact the Chinese consulate in Texas was shut down because one of its people was a spy

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