China and the weaponizing of AI. “AI, Trump, China & the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G” by Cyrus Parsa is a very serious book about how China has the personal data on almost everyone on the globe. AI, robotics, and bio-metric corporations are being used by China’s Communist Regime to advance its current and future goals in Weaponizing AI. The author and his team (AI Organization) were able to track multiple hidden AI movements that traveled through a bio-digital network that connects with the internet and the Human Bio-Digital Network. “The findings are alarming.” We found extinction codes under one platform that is connected to all platforms. We also discovered that China was using AI and bio-metrics to hunt for people for the purpose of organ trafficking and development of their concentration camps…………………… AI DEEP LEARNING. Deep Learning resembles a human beings process of observing information by smell, touch, taste, visual, audible or subconscious that can be known as gut feelings. These feelings are all combined to enable us to identify, think, know, understand, analyze, decide and upgrade thinking and physical capabilities in the world as we know it. However, for AI, Deep Learning seeks to develop another level of capability that allows the program to be aware and capable of operations simultaneously in the digital and physical world, giving it control over everything with a conscious mind………………… HUMAN TARGETING CAPABILITY Testing and preparations are ongoing of software that will be able to detect many human traits not limited to facial recognition. They include: gesture recognition, people counting software, crowd monitoring, facial attributes, emotion recognition, skeleton recognition, body detection, voice detection, vital organ detection, and human bio-field detection software. These human targeting technologies are being tested through Machine Learning, Deep Learning and installed in robotics, and undergoing preparation for the 5G network with AI Automation in China. Thousands of factories in China are being prepared for automated building of robots that can exponentially grow with AI Automated Robotic Assemblies. People of faith and platforms that mimic democracy are being programmed in the software for detection and AI automated capture programs. Almost all capabilities to track, capture and terminate a human being now exist in China because of IP theft, forced tech transfers, mergers, investments, espionage, cyber attacks, made in China products, open-source sharing and Western collaboration………….. HUMAN BODY DETECTION INSTALLED ON ROBOTS. Human bodies can be detected through objects, walls and in settings where there are multiple objects such as a car, a dog, a table, a fence, or any landscape that exists. Through crowd monitoring, skeleton recognition, people counting, gesture recognition, vital organ detection and human tracking software, a robot can kill with speed and precision while connected to 5G. A robot can monitor a crowd looking for people its coded to detect. It might be a Christian today and a Buddhist tomorrow. Once they implement robots with 5G their ability to capture, put people in camps, engage in further organ trafficking or kill any person increases at a terrifying rate. The Chinese have never had it so good–or so bad.

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