The Cabal and President Trump. The Nazis were a subgroup of a much older group, with much more influence, much more power, and much larger goals. We opened this chapter recounting the Dutroux Affair in 1996, where a professional child smuggler was caught with children in a dungeon; children he had been procuring at the request of a Satanic cult for use in the sex rituals of the global elite. Later, in 2017, a Dutch banker by the name of Ronald Bernard would step forward and, in a series of online videos, would confirm that these kinds of activities were still going on, and rather common. He described how he himself was asked to participate in child sacrifices abroad, and he simply couldn’t do it. Watching these videos will greatly enhance your understanding of what we are dealing with: a group of Satanic, pedophilic elite who regularly engage in rape, torture, human sacrifice and cannibalism. The Dutoux Affair wasn’t an isolated incident. Pizzagate wasn’t an isolated incident. Ronald Bernard’s experience wasn’t an isolated incident………………………………….. BUT something is going on, which is very interesting indeed. QAnon says that the “Rothschilds have been having fire sale after fire sale, as their liquid assets begin to deplete in the face of an organized, militarized effort against their empire. In January 2018 they had to sell their fifty-four hundred hectare hunting estate in Austria, as they were preparing for what they saw coming with the new Trump administration. Since then its been apartments, yachts, jewelry collections, estates and more all hitting the market. Trump officially put the Cabal on notice when he passed an executive order on December 21, 2017, entitled “Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption,” that would allow the US government to completely seize all the assets of anyone found guilty of “Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.” In essence the likes of the Rothschilds could have their entire earthly belongings stripped from them overnight because of this order. Cathy O’Brien an RSA survivor, talks about “The Most Dangerous Game,” in which the elite hunt naked humans on big, remote estates that either are walled in or on an island. The men, when they are caught, are killed. The women and children are tortured, sacrificed in a Satanic ritual and/or cannibalized. They are not really worshiping Satan or Lucifer. Lucifer and Satan were put on trial for their crimes in the courts of the Superuniverse of Orvonton, found guilty, and were given the choice of termination by the court or self-termination, which they chose. So they are gone. Also, demons are being processed into the Light. There may still be demons on earth, but my guess is that there is some projection of self going on in the rituals. It is possible for one to worship one’s self. (This information and the opinions come from Q and QAnon via NEON REVOLT)

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