The Cabal. From secret occult societies to funding Hitler, to trying to overthrow the US government and install a fascist dictator, to the assassination of Kennedy, to the crack epidemic, to CIA mind control, to 9/11 and the war on terror, the Bush family has, perhaps, more blood on its hands than any other Cabal family in the entire New World Order (NWO). Through the decades, they’ve played an instrumental role in guiding this nation forward on a path of destruction, as they have personally maintained one side to the public every four years. It should come as no surprise then, that George Sr. was the mastermind behind so much of this, serving as the Cabal’s man on the ground, who made sure that no matter who won the election, the Cabal would always be the real winners. Supported by a legion of Deep State loyalists even when he was out of office, he was the one really pulling the strings. Imbued with the ideology of his forefathers, there was a reason they called him “Timber wolf.” So you can imagine the look on his face one day, when, from deep underground, in a secret base, George H.W. Bush read this message from Q: Feb. 10, 2018……. You will cease to exist. Truth to power. How’s the bunker these days? {14} live {hello} {PEOC force failed} Q. (PEOC means Presidential Emergency Operations Center) Bush Sr. and 13 others had been holed up in a Cabal bunker, hoping to assassinate Trump in a secure wing of the White House, and Q had just not only told them where they were at that very moment, but that their efforts had failed and that they would “cease to exist.”……………….Any wonder then that nine months later, George Sr. would be dead? And his son, George Jr. has blood on his hands for all the killed and wounded soldiers and civilians in that 17 year war in Afghanistan. The longest war in our history. That the Soviets were forced out should have been a red flag for Jr., but he’s just not that smart, I guess. (This information comes from the website NEON REVOLT)

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