QAnon. Q is a high ranking military officer either in the Pentagon or the White House who posts cryptic messages on a semi- secret webpage–it might be 4Chan or 8Chan. These posts contain insider information on a variety of topics and people, but they are difficult to understand. It is the role of the Anons to do the research and find out what Q is saying. The group that is Q asked Trump to run for president and take 10 actions if he were elected. One of those items was to clean and drain the “swamp” that persisted in Washington, D.C. , the corruption, the government which no longer worked for the people. But even before he became president, there were treasonous forces out to get him. A coup was attempted even before Obama was out of office. Obama didn’t walk off into the sunset after his term was finished. No, he bought a house in D. C. so that he could get Trump removed from office. A fool’s errand, since the impeachment had no relevance. So, if you don’t like Trump, consider what he’s been through: the Russia probe, the Mueller probe, the accusations of things he had nothing to do with, the impeachment, the false Steele Dossier, all the books written about him being a dangerous man (he ought to sue for slander). What he’s been through would bring another man to tears. But he has soldiered on, passing legislation, giving speeches, doing his job. If you’re afraid of him, you ought to be. He’s standing up to the Deep State, which is what Q wanted him to do. He is the only thing standing between us and the corruption and slavery of the Deep State. And its crucial that we re-elect him because he still has more to do.

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