Reptilians and Humans. Around the year 800 Charlemagne I became the first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Thus the Reptilian controllers of the church of Rome and the pope took a giant step toward rulership over the entire civilized world. Using religion, through the rites of the church, which required submission to the Catholic doctrines in order to achieve salvation through Christ, the Brotherhood was now positioned to impose mind control over all their subjects in Europe. The ultimate intent was to suppress higher consciousness, and thus to keep the populace docile and controllable. It is what we today refer to as the ‘dumbing down’ process. The Reptilians knew that the globalization of religion was the key to global control by their Illuminati puppets and thus the means by which they might retake the surface world. Between the ninth and sixteenth centuries, thirty Holy Roman Emperors were crowned by the pope. Thus the Roman Church came to dominate all of Europe. Heretical movements were harshly dealt with, and by the fifteenth century were largely stamped out. The bloodlines in Europe were mainly human and not so easily controlled by the global religion. Starting in the early seventeenth century, dedicated and highly trained agents of the Federation infiltrated European society. First came the scientific revolution, propagated by such intellectual giants as Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes, Isaac Newton, John Looke, Baron Spinoza and Pierre Bayle. The elevation of science above church mythology set the stage of the philosophic revolution because it eliminated mystical beliefs (then why are there still so many people into religion today?). The ideas of the Enlightenment spread to America, and are embodied in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence…..The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom (separating church and state) was in direct opposition to the precepts of the Catholic Church. As American values of freedom and liberty started to circulate around the globe, the Brotherhood realized that its plans for religious globalization had been dealt a death blow. The Reptilian planners realized that they would need to take immediate and radical action to counteract the ‘virus’ of liberty that was sweeping the planet. By 1900 the bluebloods had been removed from positions of power all over the globe. Monarchies had crumbled and church authority was rapidly shrinking. It was time for a bold move if the Brotherhood ever hoped to retake the surface of the planet. It was time for a world war.

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