The Significance of Pentecost. The Spirit of Truth was or is the spirit bestowed by Jesus. The Urantia Book says that the Spirit of Truth is the Spirit of both the Universal Father and the Creator Son (Michael/Jesus). It’s important to note that the Creator Son is not the Eternal Son, the Second Person of the Trinity. As Catholics we say the Nicene Creed and it has a few discrepancies. But we are not meant to become conscious intellectually of the Holy Spirit, or the Eternal Son, but rather conscious of Jesus Christ, the Sovereign God of our universe. And it isn’t difficult to achieve Christ Consciousness. It just requires time and patience. But we are talking about the Spirit of Truth, which comes to lead all believers into all truth, into the expanding knowledge of the experience of the living and growing spiritual consciousness of the reality of eternal and ascending sonship with God. Even though the gospel became greatly distorted, it remains a fact that this new message about Jesus carried along with it many of the fundamental truths and teachings of his earlier gospel of the kingdom. And, sooner or later, these concealed truths of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of mortals will emerge to effectually transform the civilization of all humanity. The term “baptism of the spirit,” which came into such general use about this time, merely signified the conscious reception of this gift of the Spirit of Truth and the personal acknowledgement of this new spiritual power as an augmentation of all spiritual influences previously experienced by God-knowing souls. Since the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth, mortals are subject to the teaching and guidance of a threefold spirit endowment: the spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster; the spirit of the Son, the Spirit of Truth; the spirit of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit. (Personal note: I participated in the ‘charismatic renewal’ back in the 1970s, both Catholics and Protestants were into it, I had just converted, so I was gung ho). The UB says that the Holy Spirit is one of our spiritual resources. The Holy Spirit is the co-ruler of the universe, equal in every way to Michael. We can call on her if we need help. She is the offspring of the Infinite Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity……………………………….. What Happened at Pentecost. The chief mission of this outpoured spirit of the Father and the Son is to teach mortals about the Father’s love and the Son’s mercy. The Creator Son, in the flesh, revealed God to mortals; the Spirit of Truth, in the heart, reveals the Creator Son to mortals. This new religion is founded on faith, hope and love. The religion of Jesus fosters the highest type of human civilization in that it creates the highest type of spiritual personality and proclaims the sacredness of that person. The spirit guides into all truth; he is the teacher of an expanding and ever-growing religion of endless progress and divine unfolding. The gospel of the kingdom was to be identified with no particular race, culture or language. This day of Pentecost witnessed the great effort of the Spirit to liberate the religion of Jesus from its inherited Jewish fetters. The bestowal of the Spirit of Truth was independent of all forms, ceremonies, sacred places, and special behavior by those who received the fullness of its manifestation. No favorable environment is needed. Teachers of this new religion are now equipped with spiritual weapons. They are to conquer the world with unfailing forgiveness, matchless good will, and abounding love. They are equipped to overcome evil with good, to vanquish hate by love, to destroy fear with a courageous and living faith in truth. Pentecost endowed mortals with the power to forgive personal injuries, to keep sweet in the face of gravest injustice, to remain unmoved in the face of appalling danger, and to challenge the evils of hate and anger by the fearless acts of love and forbearance. After Pentecost, women stood before God on an equality with men. Women were active in the early church, but it didn’t take long for bishops to be appointed, who put them in their place.

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