Reptilians and Humans. Kasten goes into the traditions that have Jesus and Mary Magdalene being married. They have three children. Mary goes with two of the children to the south of France, and Jesus takes the older boy, Joseph, and travels to India. This version of the story has Jesus surviving the crucifixion. I don’t believe any of this shit, so we are going to move on. The Reptilians were trying to gain a foothold in the Catholic Church around the time Constantine converted and made Christianity a state religion. Constantine, it seems, had leprosy, and the pagan priests recommended that he bathe in the blood of infants. Reptilians are hungry for the blood of infants, especially. This would require the blood of quite a few infants. He was eventually cured by a miracle. Since the Roman church became the center of the Catholic Church, it suggests that perhaps the Brotherhood was already, at that early date (312), making preparations for centralized control of Christianity. Constantine had a vision (“In this sign conquer.”) at Milvan Bridge near Rome, which was a cross, and it enabled him to take Rome. But he was also looking at the practical aspects of adopting Christianity. His empire was falling apart, and he needed something to unify it. Constantine made the church subordinate to the state; the heads of state held all the strings of mind control through religion. This was a bold move to globalize religion and, by adding all the trappings of affluence and power to the humble teachings of Jesus, to make religion subordinate to temporal and materialistic power. Thus, one can easily discern in this the fingerprints of Brotherhood influence. Constantine was of royal blood through his mother, Helena, and so he was probably a blueblood. Constantine, moreover, decided that Jesus wasn’t the true Savior. No, that was Constantine himself!…It was Constantine who freed the Christians from all those nasty persecutions, after all. To cement this notion, he convened the Council of Nicaea in 325 to create a new dogma. The emperor was always a god, so Constantine assumed godhood. The Nicene Creed merged “God the Father with God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, and bypassed Jesus entirely as the Son of God.” Say What!? Kasten is seriously deficient when it comes to the Trinity. I’ve noticed little things, but didn’t say anything, but this is a whopper! In any case, the Trinity was established as the theoretical foundation of the Holy Roman Empire….After the death of Constantine, barbarians attacked Rome, and the bishops and pope were weakened. The Roman bishops plotted to absorb the Western kingdoms and bring them under Catholicism. In 496 King Clovis, head of the vast Frankish realms, had a battlefield conversion, similar to Constantine. Pope Anastasius baptized him and promised that the Holy Roman Empire would now become Merovingian. These kind of promises by Reptilian proteges are always broken. For more than 200 years thereafter, the popes pretended cooperation while waiting for another opportunity. The Reptilians have infinite patience. Their chance came again in the eighth century.

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