Reptilians and Humans. The humans invented Christianity by abducting a woman with very pure humanoid genetics, implanting her with a fetus genetically designed for a specific purpose. This woman is now known as Mary and this is why she is claimed to be a virgin. Emmanuel was the mixture of Mary and a Lyraen descendant. When he was a young man, Emmanuel was taken to the Great Pyramid to study ancient Lyraen, Atlantean and Egyptian principles for many years. He was taught ways to steer the masses away from Reptilian influences. His orders were to inculcate the 3 strains of humanity that had the purest Ari-an genetics on earth. Those were the Hebrews, created by the Sirians; the Germanic tribes, created by the Aldebarans; and the Northern Indian Ari-ans now living in the foothills of the Himalayas. All these people used a lion as their symbol and descended from the original blond-haired, blue-eyed Lyraens. Emmanuel-Jesus did his job well. He was set down in a situation where Judaism had incorporated Reptilian elements that now had to be purged. The situation included an empire with a wide range of gods and goddesses. It was necessary to propitiate these gods to ameliorate their wrath. The Federation plan was to spread the Judeo-Christian religious ethic, based on love and service to others, as the spiritual core of the new humanity that would inherit the earth. This, they believed, would counter the hybrid Reptilian beliefs in blood rituals and human sacrifice and enslavement through mind control–the system that had worked so well on thousands of other worlds… The Talmud of Emmanuel was discovered south of Jerusalem in 1963. It contains information ruinous to both Judaism and Christianity. Some of it was destroyed in a bomb assassination. I tells about Jesus as an ET. Otherwise, it follows the New Testament. Billy Meier, famous for his pictures of UFOs, has the part of the Talmud that wasn’t destroyed. God with a capital G doesn’t even appear in the Talmud. The highest word is “the great ruler of the voyagers that traveled here through vast expanses of the universe.” With a small g.

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