Reptilians and Humans. Those who live in the underground empire built by their ancestors are called by many names: the SHET-I, the HEN-T, the Shemsu Hor, the Reptilians, the lizards, the hybrids, the Dow, the Brotherhood of the Snake, the Babylonian Brotherhood, and most recently, the Greys. Their ancestors, the Draco, built miles of tunnels with maglev trains able to go anywhere on earth in hours. Now that they are independent of all rulership, they have formed a type of hierarchical brotherhood based on group consciousness and are fundamentally democratic. They live in large cities, and their capital is still the city of Bhogovita; it is 7 levels and it is very deep below the Indian subcontinent. They have technology superior to our conventional technology, but probably on a par with technology we’ve received from our ET friends. These were the craft that were sent out to impress the Pharaoh Thutmose III, and the craft that Admiral Byrd confronted when he tried to remove the Nazis from Antarctica: Operation Highjump 1947. From the underground civilization come spaceships that go into deep space of just to Mars. Those ships are also involved with the abductions of millions of humans. Some of the Greys probably have hybridization programs in process and they are looking more and more like humans, so they can pass without a problem. Their programs in genetics and biochemistry are superior and have been channeled through “Big Pharma” making their puppets, the Illuminati, reap tremendous riches. They lost the ability to sexually reproduce a long time ago, so now they mostly use cloning, and they are experts at that, too. They also have the ability to alter and wipe clean human memories and to transfer human consciousness from one body to another. These abilities were perfected eons ago by the queens’ scientists…..Kasten says their most formidable talent is their ability to mentally increase their vibratory rate, allowing them to inhabit the lower fourth dimension, in which they are invisible to human perception. This allows them to contact and influence humans in dream states and go easily through solid walls during abductions. This lower region of the astral realm is inhabited by spiritually retarded human souls, as well as demonic entities. That’s why its referred to frequently as “hell” (Swerdlow). All forms of black magic originate in this realm. This is one reason for their power over the human race. But because of the potentially great power of the human soul, we are rapidly catching up. Knowing this, they seek to keep us in a state of low consciousness and reliant on superstition in order to maintain their control over us. They accomplish this mainly through religion. It has the affect of maintaining a subdued and guilt-prone populace that is unlikely to challenge the puppets they have placed in political power. They adapt easily to new religions and twist them to their ends. Religion is only for the masses; they have other forms of mind control. They seek bluebloods, those with a high component of Reptilian DNA. These people also tend to be in positions of authority. All the members of the former European royalty are bluebloods, as are the heads of corporations and other institutions. These people are the products of thousands of years of genetic manipulation. Those who have 50% Reptilian DNA are considered to be Illuminati. All the top bankers, clergy, statesmen, and CEOs are in this category. These people are the most vulnerable to Brotherhood mind control and demonic influence from the astral realm. While much of their control occurs through the dreamscape, they have special mind control for the millions of abductees.

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