Reptilians and Humans. Kasten says the obelisks may have served another purpose. They may have been phallic symbols of male power all over the globe. Lord Ra, with the approval of the SSA-TA rebel Queens, began to systematically remove all traces of a Mother Goddess presence. Henceforth, the Omnipotent One was a male-the Sun God Ra himself. Males would dominate every aspect of life; it was time for females to relinquish their exalted place of power. We are meant perhaps to be reminded of this change of power by seeing these towers all over the globe. There is a half finished obelisk at Baalbek estimated to be 1800 tons. It is called the Stone of the Pregnant Woman because a woman could touch the stone and become pregnant. Or Not. The temple complex goes back to the arrival of the Martians in 5000 BCE, even before Marduk arrived. The name, Baalbek means that the complex was there for the worship of the god Baal. The Romans built a temple of Jupiter on the huge plaza that exists on the site. To make sure the human slave knew nothing of the outside world or anything that could make life better, the SHET-I closed off all sources of information and scholarship. Historical clay tablets were destroyed; Marduk destroyed the records of the previous civilization. This, together with the electronic blanket, kept the human race in a state of ignorance and virtual, if not actual enslavement. This policy established precedents that remain in force even today, despite liberal universities and the Internet. Even in the American fortress of freedom, people are ridiculed for discussing conspiracies, and the pressure to remain politically correct is enormous. Marduk was not the one who had the real power in his vast empire, and he knew it. The power belonged to the SHET-I. Marduk tried to forge an alliance with the Sirian Empire, but it was too late. The inevitable happened; there was a quiet and bloodless coup overnight and that was that. But Marduk still had to be caught. Some say he was imprisoned in the Great Pyramid. That would tally with Sitchen’s research. In Sitchen’s works Marduk is set free after a short time because his relatives are worried about him. Kasten says he fled back to his home, the Sirian star system. This took place in the second century BC. ******** The Pharaoh Thutmose III was helped by aliens flying over Egypt. He became a great warrior and became very rich. The aliens were called the Shemsu Hor and they took the pharaoh onto a space ship and told him about the mysteries of space. He came to believe he was dealing with the gods. Thutmose started military campaigns in which he took cities, villages and entire kingdoms, from southern Syria to Nubia. He introduced the use of horse drawn chariots in warfare; and by carrying boats over-land he was able to attack coastal cities. Kasten says his mummy was below 5 feet in length, suggesting that he may have been a hybrid. The aliens certainly targeted him for some reason. The Brotherhood of the Snake, operating through the Amun priesthood, instituted a currency of gold and silver to replace the barter system. This permitted the use of a central banking system to control the expanding economy. By this means they are able to reward their friends and bring them to power by financing huge enterprises, while eliminating their adversaries through the tightening of funds. This is a hallmark of Reptilian control. The Reptilians profit from war from both sides of the conflict, and it lowers the population. The survivors of the war come to borrow even more money and the Reptilians grant their wish–at a price.

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