Reptilians. The Anunnaki, according to Zecharia Sitchen, built a great civilization in Mesopotamia, after they gave humans gene therapy to make them smarter. They were the first in many things: writing, law, building, mathematics, astronomy, etc. The Anunnaki were looked upon as gods by the people. Enlil and Enki were the chief gods and half-brothers, which didn’t prevent them from constant conflicts. Kasten, however, says that Martians from Mars (humans) came to Mesopotamia and created a great civilization. Marduk, an Anunnaki, decided to take over the whole Solar System. Sitchen says he was the god of Babylon. He was also Ra in Egypt. Marduk started by seeking the cooperation of the HEN-T, who lived under the earth. Marduk was a son of Enki and the underground races worked for Enlil. Those who joined Marduk were known as SHET-I. Carefully and deliberately the conspiracy gained a foothold in every department of Lord Prince Enlil’s administration. When ready, Marduk attacked by surprise. All communications were blocked out and the coup was over quickly. Marduk now had total control and undisputed rule of the Sirian and Reptilian forces of the Solar System. Marduk was always a bad dude. He was locked in the Great Pyramid by his family for his dirty deeds. Marduk ascended to supreme power in Babylon in 1700 BCE at a time when Babylon was at her peak of development. He improved mining operations and sent ore and minerals back to the Sirian and Orion empires, vastly increasing the wealth of his realm. The SHET-I scientists rediscovered the use of the drug SMA, used by the Queens of Orion to extend their lives. This drug became wildly popular throughout the galaxy and Marduk became still richer.The odd things is that, while no other Anunnaki god died, Marduk did. Alexander the Great went all the way to Babylon just to see Marduk and he was very disappointed to learn that Marduk had died. The pharaoh Akhenaten established worship of the sun god Ra about 400 years after Marduk declared himself Ra. No other god could be worshiped. But was Marduk alive in 1300 BCE when Ra was worshiped? He could have been, according to Sitchen. Marduk had all the statues and building that expressed historical facts destroyed. He had mind control SSA-TA, professionals wipe clean the memories of all the humans. He would have them walk down a long, dark hall with a light at the end of it. Screen memories were implanted to replace the suppressed memories. Marduk and his scientists constructed towers all over the earth. But all the humans felt a vague uneasiness; they each saw a bright light in their minds and thought they should go to it and find rewards and wonders. The towers “would transmit a cloud of electronic signals designed to keep the human workers in a fog, a docile state.” The cloud also prevented outside signals from coming in. The obelisks all over the world may have been these towers. The Washington Monument is the tallest in the world at 555 feet high. Maybe these obelisks are still working–who knows?

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