Reptilians and Humans. White magicians saw that Atlantis was going to fall into the sea, so there were major migrations east to Egypt and west to the Americas. Underground colonies and undersea cities were created with the invention of the submarine. The Atlanteans brought with them advanced spirituality and science. To the primitive human populations , they were viewed as gods. After they left, the forces unleashed by the black magicians ignited dormant volcanoes. Aun Weor, author of “The Revelation of Beelzebub,” says certain dangerous igneous manifestations started to appear in Atlantis. This was because the use of sexual forces, when utilized for black magic, made the fire of dormant volcanoes enter into activity. The sexual forces have an intimate relationship with all the forces of nature because the sexual forces reside not only in our sexual organs, but also in all of our cells, and moreover, within each atom of the cosmos. The sexual force is the cause of electricity. The dormant volcanoes would become active because they were intimately related to the black magicians. But an even more dangerous activity was going on under the ground. The Reptilians were digging the foundation from the bottom of the continent. So they took their death ray and pointed it directly down to kill as many Reps as possible. The tectonic stresses were disastrous, and the earth’s axis tilted over, causing a ninety degree pole shift. Omar describes the catastrophe: huge holes opened up, swallowing entire cities; lava buried roads and towns; glaciers ground cities to powder and covered them; nuclear bombs disintegrated civilizations; 400 mph winds blew objects high into the sky only to send them back in body parts. The annihilation was so complete that mammoths, saber toothed tigers, bison and other animals became extinct. A nuclear winter set in and the smoke of a thousand erupting volcanoes and bombs hid the sun for decades and froze the surface. Those who remained on the surface in colonies died. Steve Omar says: “Gone were the planetary governments that had made all the decisions for a race that had ceased to think for itself. What was left in the ashes was global anarchy. Some believed that the Atlanteans had gambled with the “Creator” and lost. The devastation had few parallels in history. But it was fortunate for the newly created human race. Now they could evolve without hindrance from the ‘experts.’ It was a very good time for humans. They were starting to dominate the Galaxy and nobody was challenging them on Earth. There were a few Reps underground who showed no inclination to fight. And so the humans at last were able to enjoy peace and freedom. As Kasten said, a higher power was arranging things for the humans.

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