Reptilians and Humans. The Maldekians and Martians dispossessed the Reptilians from the Moon. The Martians settled in what is now Iraq and Kuwait. They were greeted as gods and built a great civilization there. The Moon-based Reptilians fled to the underground Reptilians on Earth. The humans could now develop and evolve without interference. The Reptilians were skillful at creating underground colonies. They built a 7 layer complex under the Indian subcontinent, where they established a capital city called Bhogovita. One main entrance was in Tibet. They created underground highways and tube trains that could travel very fast. Some roads were 200 miles below the surface. They were able to travel so fast that they could be anywhere on earth within a few hours. There are numerous places where their underground facilities can be entered, but they are usually at the backs of caves. It might explain why so many people go missing in rugged country like national parks. The famed underworld cities of Hyperborea and Shamballa may be thriving cities of the Reptilians and located on the inner side of the Earth’s crust.******************** The Reptilians plotted to take their planet back; in their mind they owned it. And they would make slaves of the Humans. They hated the Atlans for driving them underground, and they were full of revenge. The agreement they made at Hatona was worthless; they had no intention of honoring it. Later Adolf Hitler, their main protege, would display the same characteristic; he broke every agreement he ever made. But the Federation was not going to allow the Reptilians to wipe out the Humans in this Solar System like they did Lyra. Instead, the Reptilians would be confined to the underground. But that proved to be a mistake; they interfered with human history in every possible way and created a belief in evil. The Atlans settled on Atlantis about 300,000 years ago, giving their name to the continent. Lemuria was destroyed about 50,000 years ago. The Atlans were now free to create a utopian culture. The Humans of Lyra did not have a reptilian brain. We, according to Kasten, have 3 brains, one for emotions, one for thinking rationally, and the reptilian brain. I don’t think scientists count the reptilian as a brain; they say were are two-brained.*************************** An ambitious organization called MIND International sent agents in the 1970s all over the world in search of all the things, people, philosophies, events and subjects that were not included in history books in the US. Steve Omar was one of the agents and he found fascinating information about Atlantis;this was in the 70’s so this is well-known now. They paved their streets with gold; people lived to be a 1000 years old; science had wiped out all disease; they had advanced spaceships; the Indian Vaimanika Sastra details how the ships could turn to solar energy when fuel was low; how they are protected from storms. Atlanteans created a national work force of robots, androids and humanoids from genetic engineering to create and maintain most of the material/physical work, and computers controlled the robots and androids. They were on the verge of being totally work free. They wore Vril helmets during the night which would educate them while they slept. According to Omar, “With a thousand year life span to acquire knowledge, Atlanteans were aware and informed beyond our imaginations.”

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