Reptilians. The spaceships of the Reptilians were spherical and some, like the Queen’s, were as large as a planet. Inside of the ship was a large city with thousands of reptilians, plenty of room for various drives needed for different types of space travel, and room for hundreds of fighter and scout ships. The outside of the upper hemisphere had been quartered so that cannons and cameras could watch the planets below. If there was a rebellion on a planet, the Queen’s cannons could destroy an entire planet. It looked like an eye to the people on the planets below so when the Queen’s ship appeared, they cried “Aye, Aye, Aye.” All the amazing technology the Reptilians possessed we now possess today. There is a 2015 film called “Eye in the Sky” in which an British Air Force colonel who directs attacks by drones. Because of powerful telescopes mounted on the drone, he can see the faces of the people on the ground. He hesitates because he sees that a small girl is too close to the target and will be killed. But his boss pushes him on and a Hellfire missile from the drone kills the man and the girl. The message of this movie comes straight from Illuminati movie executives. Someone walking down a crowded street can be identified by his or her face and assassinated by a laser shot from an unseen drone high up in the atmosphere and the kill button can be pushed by someone half a world away. The Aye of the Queen of the Reptilians has become the Eye in the sky of the drone technology.********************** Humans have occupied the Lyran star system for 40 million years. They are peaceful and are mostly agricultural. One day Reptilians from Alpha Draconis disembarked from a shuttle onto the planet Bila. There was a misunderstanding between the two species (the Dracos wanted to take over the planet), and war erupted. The Draconians destroyed three out of 14 planets in the system of Lyra, and over 50 million human Lyrans were killed. It is at this point in history that Draconians began to think of humans as a food source. The Lyrans fled to other planets. They evolved technologically. They formed alliances. A very strong social community developed between and among all in the Lyra system. This community became the Galactic Federation of Light.********************************** The Lyran refugees came to our Solar System and colonized two planets, Mars and Maldek. Maldek was perfect for human habitation, but Earth was second from the sun and all water. Mars was also ideal, with oceans and was third from the sun. So the refugees settled on Mars and Maldek and lived peacefully for millions of years. But trouble arrived in the form of a Reptilian ice comet, which collided with Maldek, destroying it and killing most of its people. The asteroid belt was formed from the fragments and rocks of Maldek. It also destroyed the people on the surface of Mars, although some went underground. Then the author says that calling it a comet is misleading because it is really a planet. It became the planet Venus. Given a second look, could a comet destroy a planet millions of times larger than it self? Could it vaporize everything on the surface of a planet, including all the oceans? It also forced the huge planet Uranus to tip over onto its side and orbit the sun in that peculiar position. Venus is probably the answer. But there is also Zecharia Sitchen’s research, which tells us that Niburu/Marduk comes into the Solar System on a 3600 year cycle and that it destroyed a planet named Tiamat. There are several references to this in the Bible. It’s called the 12th Planet and Sitchen’s first book has that title. I recommend it.

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