Reptilians. The Reptilian Queen secured her vast kingdom by using mind control. Later, the Reptilians would teach Hitler to practice mind control on his population. Fluoride in the drinking water was used to dumb down the population and make the German people seemingly unaware of Hitler’s activities. It is still used in the US for the spurious reason that it purifies the water. I get my water from a well and I use toothpaste without fluoride, but my family doesn’t listen to me when I warn them about fluoride. It also says in the book that it harms an organ in the brain–I think the author is talking about the pineal gland. The Queen’s scientists were able to invent all sorts of age defying processes for the Queen. One such was that if the Queen’s body was injured and irreparable, her consciousness could be transferred to a fresh, new body. She could maintain a fresh body for literally millions of years. But something ocurred that the Queen could hardly ignore. A fierce force called the Wolfen Kings, which had taken down many civilizations by using asteroids to enter a solar system and attacking planets which were unaware, infringed upon Reptilian territory. The Queen, having superior political skills, did not offer to fight them; in an unexpected move, the Queen submitted an offer that was seldom extended to any potential enemy– the Queen offered an Alliance between the two Empires. And it was an offer the Wolfen Kings could hardly reject. It was a brilliant idea because she had bred all the fighting force out of her males and the females could never stand up to the legendary Wolfen Kings. And the reports of the battlefield slaughter were gruesome; the Wolfens eating the dead, growling, howling, looking like a lion one second and a wolf the next. The Queen had heard all these reports and shuddered. Better to be a friend. In the treaty both sides gave up huge concessions, but the Queen gave the Wolfen Kings only a certain time limit to decide. They told her they needed more time, and she mounted a huge attack on them. They then came over to her side; the populace were impressed at her forces and came to her side. The Wolfen warriors appreciated the military forces now at their command. The resulting empire comprised the Orion, Draco and Sirius star systems.

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