Urantia Book 113. The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Soon after the burial of Jesus on Friday afternoon, the chief of the archangels of Nebadon, then present on Urantia, summoned his council to discuss a possible technique for the restoration of Jesus. By midnight they had accepted Gabriel’s advice that Jesus had laid down his life and had power to take it up again. And then Jesus’ Personalized Adjuster told them that they can’t do anything to assist their Creator-father in the return to life. Jesus has gone from life in the flesh to life in the morantia. Your Creator-father has elected to pass through the whole experience of his mortal creatures, from birth on the material worlds, on through natural death, and the resurrection of the morontia, into the status of true spirit existence (189.0.1-2).***************************** At two forty-five Sunday morning, the Paradise incarnation commission, consisting of seven Paradise personalities, arrived on the scene and deployed themselves around the tomb. At ten minutes before three, intense vibrations of commingled material and morontia activities began to issue from Joseph’s new tomb, and at two minutes past three o’clock, this Sunday morning, April 9, AD 30, the resurrected morontia form and personality of Jesus of Nazareth came forth from the tomb. The human form of Jesus was still lying in the tomb and the rock with its seal was still covering the door of the tomb. The guards were oblivious to anything going on********* The first act of Jesus in emerging from the tomb was to greet Gabriel and instruct him to continue in executive charge of universe affairs under Immanuel and then he directed the chief of the Melchizedeks to convey his brotherly greetings to Immanuel. And then he spoke the first words as part of the morontia order: Having finished my life in the flesh, I would tarry here for awhile, that I may more fully know the life of my ascendant mortals and more fully know the will of my Father in Paradise. Meanwhile, the chief of archangels asked Gabriel for possession of Jesus’ body and it was granted. Seeing it go through a slow process of decay was not in their plan. They accelerated time and in a few short seconds it disappeared. ********** Survival is the language used instead of salvation in the UB. It is largely up to the individual whether he or she survives. It is a matter of choice. After you die you are taken by an angel to the resurrection halls, and they are gigantic, where you receive a morontia body, which is half physical and half spirit. That takes place on the first morontia world. There are 5 or 6 others, where you are educated. When you are finished with the mansion worlds, you go to the Constellation Norlatiadek for further education, and when finished the last stop before the Superuniverse is Salvington, our universe capital. Our universe is in the Superuniverse Orvonton. When we jump from Salvington to Uversa, the capital of Orvonton, you have become a spirit. You are about half way to Paradise.

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