Reptilians. It all began with an ET survivor of a New Mexico UFO crash, sometime before the Roswell crash. Six young Apache men found the wounded ET in the wreckage and took him back to camp. They nursed him back to health. It seems that UFOs favor remote places where people have no desire to report their presence. The ET revealed astounding things about Earth’s history. They later learned that his name was Bek’Ti. ******************************** The Kheb rose to power over the other species of the Reptilians. This always hinged on the extraordinary ability of the drone warriors to maneuver in flight. Even though the enemy might visually detect them while still some distance away, in the blink of an eye the reptilian winged warriors covered the ground that separated them from their enemies. In less than a heartbeat the viciousness of the reptilian warrior descended on its enemy like the wrath of a cruel and bloodthirsty God. A group called the NEKH proved to be most powerful and they assumed the leadership of the species on the Green Planet. On this planet they discovered that governing was easier if each country governed itself and sent tribute to the central government, as Rome and Britain did. Wars of destruction were no longer tolerated and money was the chief pursuit. This concept of rulership by money is characteristic of all the planets governed by Reptilian overlords and, as will be seen, is particularly apropos in their influence on earth, where they operate through their puppets, the Illuminati bankers. This information comes from “Alien World Order: The Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race,” by Len Kasten. But the NEKH were not satisfied to just sit there and admire themselves. They developed the tools to go out into space. They first explored their moon, and built bases on several moons in their solar system. They could travel faster than the speed of light, go through worm holes. They began to explore and exploit other worlds. They began a series of Wars of Conquest. All conquered planets would pay homage to the NEKH King of the Stars who sat on the throne of the NEKH Empire. But the Empire was encountering warriors who were stronger and fought viciously to defend their planets. They started losing wars. So they decided to bring women into the action. They were deadlier than men, and they could spit venom. And they no longer menstruated. They had fought alongside the men in the past, so they were entirely qualified. Now, they would take over a planet when it was conquered by the male warriors, and became Queen of the planet. She had a large, loyal staff to help her keep the natives under control. But after a while she and her staff wanted more visibility, more jobs, more power. To the King the Queen was just a decoration, her presence a show at court. The Queen staged a daring coup. She came to the King’s throne and sat on it. She told his staff that the King had been murdered. Also, her staff was taking control until the murderer was caught. She would act in the King’s place until the crisis was resolved. She removed all males from their positions while the crime was investigated. In the weeks afterwards many men died under mysterious circumstances. The heirs of the King were assassinated. The coup was total.

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