Rebel Gene. The UB says that the Earth is an experimental planet, and Kerry also says the same. She also says humanity is dividing into 2 parts. One part is connected with the Secret Space Program. There are thousands of people involved with the many space programs–making it a rogue civilization–and whistleblowers say it is 10,000 years ahead of the civilizations on the surface. This space-faring civilization keeps the rest of us out of the loop by getting rid of anyone who gets too close to the truth. But Kerry says we can’t be the victims and let them be the victors. The true heart of the species is back on the surface. But one select group has always ruled, dominated and fed off the other. If allowed to continue that part of humanity will take bloodlust out into the Solar System and beyond. According to Kerry, truth resonates within us. It has a distinct vibration. It vibrates in the heart chakra as well as the other chakras. It nourishes us, as opposed to falsity, which leaves us hungry. We crave the vibration of truth, which helps us grow and glow and expand. Kerry gives us a profile of the whistleblower. He or she has a terrible decision to make. Do I wait until my 20 years are up? Yes. What will happen to me if I tell classified information? How much should I say? It seems that Corey Goode has received no reactions and he’s told a lot of information. Do they put their consciences above their family? Do they make deals with the Dark Side? Do they recognize how much of what they do is programming and how much is their own volition? Kerry says about whistleblowers: “They are with you and suddenly a switch is turned and they are not. They can contain implants and neurological programming that make it easy for their masters to rein them in and turn them in a heartbeat. They are your friends and comrades until suddenly they are not and they go after you like rabid dogs intent on your destruction.” So whistleblowers are souls who chose to work for the dark side for a certain period of time, learned the ropes, discovered the secrets, and then defected to the other side at a chosen moment. They are doing you a service. We rely on them to tell us what the dark side is doing.************************************Kerry had some new information on China, but I have trouble believing it. Well, here goes…First, a female lab worker in China goes out every day to collect bat dung and brings it back for use in the lab. This could be for DNA or because bats drink blood. Maybe some new vaccine. Second, People are being welded into their apartments. Why? Who knows? But there might be a deadlier virus that China can’t control. My idea is that this is all disinformation. Kerry’s source is a Chinese Communist high in the government.

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