My Rebel Gene blog will be a day late because I have been fighting depression. I can’t seem to do my usual activities. I take several anti-depressants, but I’m going to change my exercise routine to a Richard Simmons dance DVD. I would like to advertise an upcoming Mystery School given by David Wilcock. It will include all the really up to date ideas like Ascension, dream readings, Law of One, connecting with higher guides to fulfill your soul’s purpose, study of the Great Pyramid, and the idea that we are going through a great global awakening, lucid dreams and out of body experiences, prophecies. The title of David’s new book is “Awakening in the Dream,” and the Mystery School is based on the book. This school will come through the email, so you will need David’s email to sign up (if this sounds at all interesting). David is my source for the information about the Cabal and he’s saying they are no longer a threat. He’s still saying there will be a 3-day period when the computers are down and arrests take place. I will not be attending the Mystery School because at $333, it is too expensive for me. It can be broken down into 3 payments of $111 each. I am going to buy the book–it’s on Amazon kindle.

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