Rebel Gene. Kerry says that we all have special powers and that the best way to access them is by activating Kundalini energy. Sitting Buddha-style is the best way to focus the mind and stimulate the base chakra. The base chakra is called the Root Chakra and is at the base of the spine. It is the foundational Chakra because if it’s balanced, one feels secure, calm and anchored in reality. It’s color is red. The next chakra is the Sacra Chakra, which is related to emotions and sexuality, and its color is orange. Next, going up the spine, is the Solar Plexus Chakra, located just above the navel. It’s related to the will and personal power, and its color is yellow. Next up the spine is the Heart Chakra, which is in the center of the chest and related to love and compassion. Its color is green. The Throat Chakra comes next. It’s at the base of the neck and is blue. Its related to the ability to influence or enlighten others. The Third Eye Chakra is above and in the middle of the eyes. In balance it is related to insight and intuition. Its color is purple. The Crown Chakra is just above the head and its color is gold. It is connected to information, understanding, acceptance, bliss and being one with the universe. Kerry says it is very important to visualize your chakras spinning clockwise. Visualize your chakras going to red at the base to purple third eye and gold at the crown. Visualize the purest, cleanest, most crystalline colors you can…moving slowly up the chakras…if the color you see is a bit dirty, work on it. Don’t hurry. Eventually you will reach the top. When all the colors are pure and clean and clear, start at the base of the spine and visualize a snake of light flowing up the spine and emerging above the Crown Chakra. You visualize a snake of gold when it rises and a snake of silver when sending it back down. ( A personal note: I have tried this and it isn’t very difficult. On the other hand I didn’t get much out of it. I have been attacked psychically and I have developed psychic skills as a result. I attacked the man who attacked me, I’ve remote viewed Mars, the moon–which really was very scary. I remote viewed an ET lab where genetic experiments were taking place, and a number of other places. I went out of my body on a couple of occasions. I can’t begin to tell about all the weird experiences that I had during that time in my life. It was an education–I learned things I never would have imagined existed. And I got a visit from Christ–he just appeared in my living room in golden robes one night and we smiled and laughed together. I could resurrect these skills but it would take energy I don’t have anymore. Back then I needed the skills; now I don’t. Nobody is attacking me.)************************************* An author named Desmond Leslie discovered a profound secret about humans–that we can direct events and influence the material world through our thoughts and a form of music. This energy has many names: orgone, Kundalini, chi, vril, maybe even zero point energy? We can power UFOs, directed energy weapons and events by using this psychotronic energy. It doesn’t matter how the superpower manifests, it all depends on how developed the energy is inside us. This is how they built the pyramids.******************************** I think I said this before, but we are a hybrid race with the DNA of at least 12 ET races. These races are still out there monitoring us–their experiment, and that’s how I know nothing really bad is going to happen to us (they’ve cleaned the atmosphere once at least). The ET races are mostly human, which surprised me when I learned it. Also, all the nukes all over the world have been melted down by the ETs; none of them work.************** Kerry says we are becoming an Ascension Planet. That means this planet is a 24/7 stargate in certain places, facilitating the ascension of souls into higher dimensions to continue their journey instead of repeating in another guise the same elements reshuffled. Or one could go to God or the first step to God, which is Jerusem,the Headquarters of Satania, our sector. Kerry says if you view everything from a God-like perspective there are 2 key concepts: 1. All time and space are One. 2. All time and space are simultaneous. This is only half true. God gave us space; it is a real entity. It can take a long time to get from A to B in space. Galaxies are separated by space. On the other hand space is an illusion, as is time, but I believe it is an illusion only on a mental level. Or rather on a quantum level.

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