Rebel Gene. While Kerry was in NYC she, with the help of aliens and unseen beings, remade her body. She also spent days meditating. She connected all her chakras and reached Samadhi numerous times. This has continued to benefit her in many ways. Kundalini is a snake of light that winds up the spine starting with the base chakra and up through the major chakras up through the crown of the head. As it rises, it burns through impurities and blockages accumulated in your system through the years. It moves not only along the spine but also encompasses the organs and areas in the inner body. This is where the secret power of humanity resides. Kerry has had numerous sightings of UFOs, but one that was not pleasant. She and Bill were sleeping in a hotel in Oslo and Kerry woke up totally aware that she had been fighting with Grey ETs in a base under the hotel. She grabbed Bill and ran out of the hotel. Kerry thinks this race of ETs is stupid and easy to deceive. One day as Kerry was slipping into meditation, she saw out of the corner of her eye a huge winged Reptilian and he was watching her! They exchanged a glance and then she jerked back into normal reality. She later learned the thing was a Chakar, a species of Reptilian. That was when every thing changed for her. Through a backchannel contact, Kerry learned that sea ETs who live on the sunken continent of Mu were fighting the Koreans and the US got involved. The inciting event was the disaster at Fukushima, a man-made tsunami which hit Japan and its nuclear power station, spewing radiation all the way to kingdom come. That event apparently made the ocean unlivable for these creatures. These creatures are amphibian/Reptilian and occupy many bases underwater;they are also related to the Japanese. Our navy was working with the Korean navy to battle these ETs. Then Kerry casually drops a bomb–she can go invisible! She did so when she didn’t have money for a ticket to see a concert, so she walked up to the door keeping a distance and went invisible.*********************** President Trump said the next two weeks would be hell. Yesterday he had the CEOs of the major telecom companies to the WH. I sounds like he is going ahead with the internet blackout.The blackout is for the purpose of taking out the infrastructure supporting the dark web and any other nastyness the internet has accumulated. Also cell phones will be offline. But TV will have 3 eight hour programs telling why this was necessary and why the arrests were necessary. I have been waiting for this since December, so I am surprised that its finally taking place. But they didn’t send the 30,000 troops with tanks for nothing. He sent them with house plans to make the arrests easier. Our children have been disappearing-now is the time to act.

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