Rebel Gene. In discussing whistleblowers, Kerry says they might not be honest. They may be afraid of losing their retirement, or their family’s health insurance. Or they could be killed, which has happened to a couple of people Kerry interviewed. These things are at stake. When we talk about the secret government or the secret space program, we are not talking about an organization that works within the law. These people consider themselves above the law. They operate beyond the laws of surface earth society. And they will continue to do so as long as we the people allow that to be so.**************** Admiralty Law is their instrument of control of the masses. But they bend it and subvert it at will. They own the judges and the network behind them. In these days of AI it’s only going to get worse. Ultimately, this is the nature of the war being fought.************************ Kerry relates some of her background. In 2011 she went to Egypt. She went into a deep meditation. The place was full of beautiful greenery and stone walls and monuments. A family was gathered with a number of others. She recognized Nefertiti, who was dressed in a long shimmering blue dress. But she was agitated–pacing up and down. They were trying to reach a decision about something. When Kerry came out of meditation, she felt like the events were going on at the same time–she in her time and Nefertiti in her time. I’ve had the experience of living one event two different ways. Kerry believes that humanity is progressing to Source, which is as close to God as she gets. ************ Kerry’s life has been messed with by ETs. Not in a bad way. She hasn’t indicated that she feels uncomfortable about it. But they build her up during the night and she feels slightly different in the morning. She calls it enhancing and she points out older people who do not seem to age any further. But the indefinable properties of Human consciousness will override the enhancement. What happens then. Attack from an AI? We have the Skynet chip, the failsafe switch. The maker, Pete Peterson, says it can maintain command and control. ********* In other news the rate of new cases of C19 is slowing in NYS, which is the epicenter. Although I think Louisiana is now the epicenter. I’m 73, so I can’t go to stores, but I drove by a grocery store and the lot was FULL!

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