Rebel Gene. My computer is sometimes messed with when I repeat what I’ve learned from Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot. Her YouTube Channel is messed with a lot when she is giving interviews. For example I tried twice recently to access an interview on YT, and the picture was blacked out. This is just almost normal these days. But I have her book on my kindle and there is much information in it. No matter how bad the humans are in the Cabal or the Illuminati or the bankers or rulers or child traffickers, I believe now that the Reptilians are behind it all. The ultimate game is to take control of planet earth, reduce the population, so they can control us easier and put us under some kind of mind control. Do I think they will succeed? Hell, no. But people have to wake up, because so far this has been a stealth operation. *********************** Now, to Kerry’s book. She starts at the beginning with the Anunnaki, tall (9-12′) ETs who came to earth 450,000 years ago to find gold for their failing atmosphere. They created humans for working in their gold minds (they crossed their own DNA with that of an early human). Kerry says that we are the product of at least 11 different ET races. The Anunnake finally upgraded the humans after the Flood and a civilization was formed–Sumer, where Iraq is today. Enki and Enlil were brothers and Enki was more favorable to the humans; Enlil was the commander and didn’t like the humans–wanted them only to work. Enki had sex with human women. Their sister Ninharsag was a doctor and helped Enki with the creation of humans. They were high tech and built space ports and the civilization is known for a lot of “firsts.” First writing, first laws, first schools, etc. Kerry has other information. She says that Enlil wanted to dumb down the humans who were gaining critical thinking and also multiplying fast. So it appears that there was a split in the genome in this period when a certain portion of the tribe of Humans were allowed to keep the “rebel gene,” while the other portion were selected for their obedience to authority and their administrative skills. ********** This is a crucial juncture. Because even today large portions of Humans obey authority unquestioningly. They align themselves with the mainstream party line and go out of their way to defend it. And then there are the ones with the rebel genes, like Kerry. I’ve also got the rebel gene. I’ve never known when to keep my mouth shut. Kerry believes that, if we are to progress, our re–evolvement back to Source is dependent on the rebellious and innovative souls among us.

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