Rebel Gene. Kerry Cassidy discusses the history of Project Camelot. She was involved in Hollywood as a writer and actor, but hit the glass ceiling. She wanted to do her own documentaries, so she went to a UFO conference and interviewed well-known people on the breaks. She had a consumer grade camcorder and called it guerrilla filmmaking. She met Bill Ryan, who was a webmaster and writer, and together they created Project Camelot. They had no idea how popular it would become on the grassroots level. The name Camelot comes from an experience they had at Tintagel, which is in England and is the ruins of a castle associated with King Arthur. The goal of the Project Camelot was to interview witnesses and whistle blowers in the area of the secret space program, supersoldiers, the paranormal, UFOs, experiencers, contactees, government secrecy, population control, the new world order, etc. As Kerry sees it, “we are all the Holy Grail, the bloodlines and King Arthur’s Camelot reborn. The Holy Grail is all about the bloodlines of humanity. The 12 races that came together to create the 13th race–humanity. We are the rainbow warriors that resulted from that initial blending…. And we have returned.” Kerry says that her whistle blowers are knights of the round table returned. “Regardless whether anyone believes this, it doesn’t matter, there is Magic in Project Camelot. We just called it the Magic. It seemed to surround us from the beginning. That Magic is alive and well and the promise has been fulfilled. This is that story. And it happened to us.”*********************** During the 1960s the Defense Intelligence Agency went public about a program called Serpo, that was a composite of several Human-ET exchange programs that went on under cover of the Secret Space Program (SSP). Bill Ryan built a website to handle all the news that was coming from this information system. Bill then became the spokesperson for Serpo, which, by the way, is the name of the planet the astronauts went to. He then formed friendships with important people like Hal Puthoff, who was everywhere at once.********************* According to Pete Petersen, who spent his life in the SSP, we live in what scientists now call the information field. A source who is an expert on AI claims that AI requires fuel, and that fuel is “data.” The information field all around us will provide endless fuel. That is certainly a relief.

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