Rebel Gene. Kerry says that, according to a deep source, when a new president comes into office, the intel agencies carry out a massive internal cleansing, getting rid of agents that are not on board with the new agenda. This involves the actual killing of employees whose loyalties lie elsewhere. Hillary is a player in the Deep State. She knows the members of the secretive Majestic 12, which goes by many different names, including Committee of the Majority and Psion. She has seen her future via Looking Glass, a key piece of alien technology that the secret government uses to predict the future. The Yellow Book or Cube is also ET tech, but the future it tells can be influenced by the person using it. ******************* Hillary wanted to run for president even though she found that an attempt would be made on her life while in office. Elections in this country have always been hacked and Hillary’s people hacked the election, but Navy intel hacked it for Trump and Hillary lost. Then the Game changed. The Deep State was no longer in charge. A small group of military leaders called QANON asked Trump to run for office and clean up the country of child traffickers and other assorted criminals. Which he is doing now. The pandemic was supposed to kill a lot more people and lower the world population, but already China has no new cases. Trump has sent thousands of troops and tanks to Europe to do war exercises with 18 NATO countries, but it is really to arrest and round-up Cabal members, who are probably hiding out on some asteroid by now. My point is that presidents are selected sometimes years in advance, for example Barack Obama was groomed for the presidency in advance. *********** Kerry then drops a bomb. She says: “We don’t live in a democracy. This is an illusion. Even before the coup that took down Kennedy, there was a Cabal running the American government.” There is also a prophecy about WWIII which I don’t believe for a minute. But if you want to look it up the website is

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