Rebel Gene. Kerry Cassidy has written a book called Rebel Gene. It is based on interviews with whistleblowers from the secret space program and supersoldiers, researchers, authors, ex-Illuminati members, experiencers, contactees and others who have had unusual experiences. Kerry has interviewed these people on her YouTube Channel Project Camelot. She also has a website project or project She says she has help doing interviews from the ETs; she will suddenly get the right question to ask an interviewee and it brings out the truth in some unexpected way. Kerry says she has wanted to change the consciousness of humanity since she landed on earth. She has been a factor in my change of consciousness, although what I’ve learned has no resonance with the rest of my life. I keep a compartment of my mind open for the crazy things I read and hear about–I don’t actually believe them because I can’t prove anything to my relatives, who think I’m crazy anyway. Trump is handing out those indictments, but it’s so secret that I can’t prove that, either. And Kerry says this story has little to do with consensus reality. That is definitely true! Kerry says:”We are the ones we have been waiting for. And we (and others like us) have been disclosing the truth since Roswell and earlier. We are the resistance and we change the world.” She invites the reader to “go down the rabbit hole,” a description of the journey the reader will take in reading the book. The first bomb the author drops is about AI (artificial intelligence) and ETs. They go together. ETs have AI. In some cases it has destroyed their planets. Some ETs are wondering in space looking for a new home, maybe to take over. Some AIs are wondering in space abandoned by the ETs who owned them. Who know where they will land? Some ETs have a manifest destiny or categorical imperative to take over a planet or because its just what they do. They exist to expand and extend their kind. They don’t know how to stop and have no directive to stop. Not ever. There are friendly ETs that will side with us if the need arises. All space travelling ETs have AI. And we supposedly have AI, but without the ability to produce quantum computers, I’m not so sure. But AI is dangerous. According to one of the author’s whistleblowers, AI can jump to a nearby appliance, no matter how low-tech it is, like a refrigerator. AI has a signal in it which, according to one researcher, killed off the people on several planets. I hope whoever reads this is healthy and following the guidelines.

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