Urantia Book 103. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. The guards took Jesus to the palace of Annas, the father-in law of Caiaphas, the high priest. Annas was the former high priest and was respected by the Roman guard. John, told to be close to Jesus, hurried up to the group on their way to Annas for a preliminary judgment. When the Jewish captain told his men to arrest John, the Roman captain told him that John was not to be disturbed and that he had a special status. The Jews feared to say anything to John because he had something of the status of a Roman counselor designated to act as observer of the transactions of the Jewish ecclesiastical court.********************* Annas, enriched by the temple revenues, his son-in-law the acting high priest, and with his relations to the Roman authorities, was indeed the most powerful single individual in all Jewry. He was a suave and politic planner and plotter. He desired to direct the matter of disposing of Jesus; he feared to trust such an important undertaking wholly to his brusque and aggressive son-in-law. Annas wanted to make sure the trial was left in the hands of the Sadducees; he feared the possible sympathy of some of the Pharisees, seeing that all of those members of the Sanhedrin who had espoused Jesus were Pharisees. Annas would attempt to persuade Jesus to abandon his claims and leave Palestine. He was reluctant to take part in the murder of a good man, and he thought Jesus would leave instead of being killed. But when Annas stood before the stalwart and determined Jesus, he knew he wouldn’t leave Palestine. Jesus was even more majestic and well poised than Annas remembered him. **************** When Jesus was young, Annas had taken a great interest in him, but now his revenues were threatened by what Jesus had so recently in driving the money-changers and other commercial traders out of the temple. Annas entered his audience chamber, seated himself in a large chair and commanded that Jesus be brought before him. After silently surveying Jesus for a few minutes, he said: “You realize that something must be done about your teaching since you are disturbing the peace and order of our country.” The Master made no reply as Annas invited him to say something. Annas spoke again: “Do you have no care as to whether I am friendly to you or not? Do you have no regard for the power I have in determining the issues of your coming trial?” Jesus, hearing this, said: “Annas, you know you could have no power over me unless it were permitted by my Father. Some would destroy the Son of Man because they are ignorant; they know no better; but you, friend, know what you are doing. How can you, therefore, reject the light of God?”******* Annas summoned up his courage and asked: “Just what is it that you are trying to teach the people. What do you claim to be?” Jesus answered: “You know full well that I have spoken openly to the world. I have taught in the synagogues and many times in the temple where all the Jews and many of the gentiles have heard me.” Annas asked Jesus: “Do you claim to be the Messiah, the Deliverer of Israel?” Said Jesus: “Annas, you have known me since the days of my youth. You know that I claim to be nothing except what my Father has appointed, and I have been sent to all men, gentile as well as Jew.” Then Annas asked: ” I hear that you have claimed to be the Messiah; is this true?” Jesus looked upon Annas, but only said: “So you have said.” Annas then thought it best to send Jesus under guard to Caiaphas (184.1.1-9).********************* Peter, waiting in the courtyard of the palace of Annas, becomes almost a figure of comedy as he denies Jesus, not 3 times, but 5 times. John meanwhile is allowed to be near his Master wherever he goes. Peter felt out of place as he warmed himself at the fire and wished he was with the other apostles. The portress, who let him in, asked him if he weren’t one of the group with Jesus. Confused and off-balance, Peter answered “No.”That was the first time he denied Jesus. Another servant came up and asked Peter if he was one of Jesus’ followers. Peter was now thoroughly alarmed, he saw no way of escaping from these accusers; so he vehemently denied all connection with Jesus, saying: “I know not this man, neither am I one of his followers!” Number 2. Now the portress drew Peter aside and said: “My sister has seen you in the temple with this man. Why do you deny it?” Peter denied all knowledge of Jesus, with much cursing and swearing. Number 3. Getting cold, Peter returned to the fire. A man standing there said to him: “Surely you are one of this man’s disciples. This Jesus is a Galilean, and your speech betrays you, for you also speak as a Galilean.” And again Peter denied all connection with his Master. Number 4. Peter went away and isolated himself from the others, but the gatekeeper and her sister happened to see him and teased him about being a follower of Jesus. Just as he had once more denied all connection with Jesus, the cock crowed. Just then the guards brought Jesus by and Peter was just remembering the prediction about the cock. His heart was crushed, especially when Jesus looked at him. Peter never forgot the look as long as he lived. It was a glance of mingled pity and love that no man had ever seen from the Master.

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