Hitler.Krupp’s company was Hitler’s largest supplier of war ships, tanks, weapons, guns and assorted other war needs. Krupp used and abused the slaves who worked in his factories. He could hear the screams of tortured slaves but ignored them. Later, he ignored the screams at satanic rituals. Krupp was found guilty of war crimes, but John J. McCloy, a member of the Illuminati and the CFR, exonerated him, and he went free. According to Kasten, this is an example of how the Illuminati take care of each other because they are all under the command of the Reptilians. But there were advantages to being close to the Reptilians. The Nazis brought 36,000 slaves to base 211 in Antarctica and then on to bases on the moon, Mars, Titan (a moon of Saturn), the asteroid Ceres and elsewhere in the galaxy. The Reptilians are known to be master bioengineers and biogeneticists, and this was a perfect match for German scientists, who also focused on advanced bioengineering. I. G. Farben, the German chemical company that produced the poison gas Zyklon B used at the concentration camps, was the largest company in Europe. It was forced to break up by the Allies after the war, so it created Bayer AC and has acquired the massive Monsanto company. So they can make us sick with false food and give us their poisonous drugs when we seek relief. Thus a single German corporation has the unique power to implement the human enslavement agenda of the Reptilians by the manipulation of human biochemistry in billions of the worldwide population.******************************But I found out some interesting information about Hitler. The ultimate Reptilian goal is mind control of the entire population of Earth. Of course they can’t hope to do that so there is a modified version which wasn’t explained. It’s a semi-hypnotic system in which they can train humans to follow orders. As for Hitler, my main subject, he was unknown in 1920 when his friend Dietrich Eckart invited him to a meeting of the Thule society. They had black magic seances, and Eckart’s astral contact had identified Hitler as the incarnation of the Antichrist. The meetings from 1920 to 1923 changed Hitler’s personality. Reptilians at first don’t make themselves visible; instead they masquerade as demons. One of the Reptilians as a demon took over Hitler (Reptilians are 4th dimension creatures which can also act in our 3 dimensional world). The demon controlled Hitler and paved the way for him to create a dictatorship in Germany. The Reptilians wanted to bring about fascism. This would be the first time a no name, unschooled nobody would take over Germany, and it was all due to the Reptilians. From 1923 to 1933 important financial and political connections were made for Hitler by the Reptilians. These were connections that an ex-corporal could never had made for himself. His famous book, Mein Kampf, was written for him by Karl Haushofer. Finally, in 1933, he found himself as Chancellor of Germany, and his Nazi party came into control of the German government. It was during this 10 year period that the Nazis found out that the Reptilians had a base under the ice in Antarctica and that they would be given the science to go into space. Hitler also knew by 1943 that the war was lost and told Martin Bormann to build him a house in Argentina.

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