Urantia Book 103. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of the Universe of Nebadon. Jesus went quietly away, hoping his apostles would sleep through his arrest and not get themselves arrested with Jesus. But no, that wasn’t happening. They were right there with Jesus, armed to the teeth. The cruel treatment of Jesus by the ignorant servants, the unfair conduct of his trials, and the unfeeling attitude of the professed religious leaders, must not be confused with the fact that Jesus, in patiently submitting to all this suffering and humiliation, was truly doing the will of the Father in Paradise. It was, in deed and in truth, the will of the Father that his Son should drink to the full the cup of mortal experience, from birth to death, but the Father in heaven had nothing whatever to do with instigating the barbarous behavior of those supposedly civilized human beings who so brutally tortured the Master and so horribly heaped successive inhuman and shocking experiences which Jesus was called upon to endure in the final hours of his life were not in any sense his divine will. The Father in heaven desired the bestowal Son to finish his Earth career naturally, just as all mortals must finish up their lives on Earth and in the flesh. Jesus steadfastly refused to extricate himself from the cruel clutches of a wicked conspiracy of inhuman events that swept on with horrible certainty toward his unbelievable humiliation and ignominious death. Even the father of sin turned his face away from the excruciating horror of the scene of the crucifixion (183.1.1-2). )****************** I am not going to spend much attention on Judas Iscariot. He went around Jerusalem collecting as many guards as possible because he knew Jesus’ men would be armed and enraged. He was a coward. He had to kiss Jesus to identify him, which was tricky. Finally, Pilate gave him some guards to accompany the high priest’s guards. There was no need for Judas because Jesus identified himself to the guards himself. Judas thought he would get great honor for betraying Jesus, but he would learn that nobody likes a traitor. And as Judas thus embraced his Master, Jesus said: “Friend, is it not enough to do this?! Would you even betray the Son of Man with a kiss?” And then Jesus said to the guard: ” I have told you I am Jesus. If you seek me, let these others go their way. I am ready to go with you.” When Peter saw the indignity of Jesus’ hands being bound, he lost all restraint and with his sword cut off the ear of the high priest’s body guard, Malchus. Jesus raised a forbidding hand to Peter and in a stern voice said: “Peter, put up your sword. Do you not know that I do the Father’s will? And do you not further know that I could command legions of angels and their associates who would deliver me from the hands of these few men?” Meanwhile, the other apostles were planning Jesus’ rescue, until Nathaniel stood up and said: “What about the Master’s teachings about nonresistance? Have we thought of that? And the Master told us that we should not get ourselves killed in this struggle because we must save ourselves for later when the Master is gone and we must preach in far places. Finally they decided that the Master wouldn’t let them do anything for him–his mind was set and would not be changed.

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