Len Kasten, the author of “Dark Fleet: The Secret Nazi Space Program and the Battle for the Solar System,” bases his story on the testimony of supersoldiers and other whistleblowers in the secret space programs (SSP), and it is the most frightening book I’ve read to date. His Introduction, A Critical Turning Point, brings up to date the story of human progress in interacting with intraterrestrials and extraterrestrials on planet Earth, most of which have been shrouded in impenetrable secrecy. It is an amazing story and a testimony to the determined efforts by those who have helped us understand that we are now at a critical turning point where we must take a stand or step down. This book will at least identify the role of and the incredible capabilities of the Archons and their proteges–the Illuminati, the Reptilians and the Nazi International in suppressing human knowledge and spiritual evolution. (Archons, according to Thomas R. Horn in “Shadowland” is Greek for without a leader). This story tells us that there is perhaps billions of souls around the galaxy depending on us to join the struggle against these forces. Our friends have made us genetically ready to join the struggle to erase human suffering and enslavement. We can’t join that struggle until we overcome the “divide and conquer” strategy of our opponents and become unified.********** Chapter 1. The Battle for Earth Begins. It has become apparent to several highly respected researchers that the human race is being controlled and managed by a race of alien beings that co-habit this planet. It appears we share it with a powerful and hostile race that can be called intraterrestrial because they live far below the surface of the planet, yet have the technology to travel throughout the galaxy. They are Reptilians and have been here for millions of years, which is why they believe Earth is their planet. But that’s not true because a human group settled on the planet before they did. This human group were refugees from Lyra, a star system that was attacked by Reptilians, who slaughtered 50 million humans and destroyed 3 planets. The Reptilians do have some claim to this planet, however because they transformed it from a barren water planet to a fertile place for thousands of subhuman species to thrive. They had a planet-sized spaceship, on which they brought their food source, dinosaurs. When they arrived they destroyed the planet Maldek, killing billions of humans. A Federation of human groups was formed in the galaxy (Galactic Federation), which sent a very aggressive and advanced human group to push back the Reptilians, so they couldn’t have control of the Solar System. The Reptilians lived on Lemuria in the Pacific area, so the humans (Atlans) settled on Atlantis. War immediately broke out. The Atlans killed the dinosaurs, which were destroying their crops. They had powerful electromagnetic technology, which they used to destabilize the Lemurian continent, and it broke up and sunk into the sea. Earthquakes shook the land, and volcanos erupted. The Reptilians faced their fate and moved underground. And they are still there, managing world affairs.

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