Urantia Book 102. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Jesus and the others had reached camp and David Zebadee told Jesus that Judas had been watched for many days and he was going to betray Jesus. But Jesus only said: “My friends, nothing can happen to the Son of Man unless the Father in Heaven so wills. Let not your hearts be troubled; all things will work together for the glory of God and the salvation of humans.” But the cheerful attitude of Jesus was waning. As time passed, he grew more and more serious, even more sorrowful. The apostles resisted going to their tents, they were restless and agitated. Jesus addressed his last words to all eleven, saying: “My friends, go to your rest. Prepare yourselves for the work of tomorrow. Remember, we should all submit ourselves to the will of the Father in heaven.” And then he asked Peter, James and John to come aside with him. Jesus led them uphill to a place where he often prayed, asked them to wait and then went a few feet further. Then he fell on his face and prayed: “My Father, I have come into this world to do your will, and so have I. I know that the hour has come to lay down my life in the flesh, and I do not shrink therefrom, but I would know that it is your will that I drink this cup. Send me the assurance that I will please you in my death even as I have in my life.” Jesus then went over to the 3 apostles and found them sleeping. As he woke them up, he said: “What!! Cannot you watch with me even for one hour? Cannot you see that my soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even to death, and that I crave your companionship?!” Jesus then went back and threw himself on the ground. He prayed: “Father, I know it is possible to avoid this cup–all things are possible with you–but I have come to do your will, and while this is a bitter cup, I would drink it if it is your will.” And then a mighty angel came down by his side and, speaking to him, touched him and strengthened him. When Jesus again went to the apostles, they were again asleep. He awakened them, saying, “In such an hour I have need that you should watch and pray with me—all the more do you need to pray that you do not enter into temptation–wherefore do you fall asleep when I leave you?” The third time Jesus prayed for his apostles, and when he went back to them, they were again asleep. He woke them up and they went back to camp. He was at last convinced that the Father intended to allow natural events to take their course; he was fully determined to employ none of his sovereign power as the supreme head of a universe to save himself. Before Judas and the soldiers arrived, the Master had fully regained his customary poise; the spirit had triumphed over the flesh; faith had asserted itself over all human tendencies to fear or to entertain doubt. The supreme test of the full realization of the human nature had been met and acceptably passed.

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