Fascism, not. If anybody out there read the blog yesterday that featured Rockefeller’s plan to divide us against ourselves then create hate, insanity and fascism in small groups. These plans were born after WWII. Late last night I realized that it never happened. Everything has gone on normally since the war and the US has had an amazing growth spurt. I am old enough to remember the 1950s and it was a magical time; it was an innocent time; Joe McCarthy was putting celebrities through Hell by accusing them of being Communists, but all that was far away on another world. Some were actually Communists and there was the beat movement and other counterculture types. But I had no awareness of any of these things. But I don’t remember anything like small group fascism. One wonders why a person would want to induce psychosis and fascism in a society. Wouldn’t Rockefeller be interested in using his money in positive causes? And wouldn’t he forsee that his plan would never work? He planned for insanity in the groups, but his own insanity is obvious in his plans. He passed away about 18 months ago. One hopes that the world is safer as a result.

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