Tyranny. I haven’t been able to post a blog lately because of the problems in my life caused by the weather and machines that died and had to be replaced. It started with a snow and ice storm that went on for days, taking down wires and trees. Thousands were without power and cable, and my temperature went down to 47 degrees the first night. I slept under 5 blankets. The next day there was no power and I read my kindle all day–that was the only thing that was working. That night I got in bed but I couldn’t get warm. Suddenly, someone is banging on all my windows. It was my daughter and she announced that I was coming to her house. She had heat and electricity, but no cable. I took a much needed shower. My water wasn’t running either. There were about 186, 000 houses without power of some kind. But this is just the beginning. When everything was working again, I still had no water. I emailed my landlady, but she was slow to respond. I had to wash with wipes that come in packages. Next I called her (she is a vet and her business is next door to my apartment). She ended up getting a new pump. But it still isn’t over. The water pressure was very low and I had no hot water. I also had a flood on the floor of my back room, where the hot water heater is kept. So I had to email her again about that. She called a plumber on an emergency basis ($$), and she put an expensive high-tech hot water heater in the back room. The problem for me is that the apartment next door also uses the hot water from the same tank, so my pressure can be very low at certain times. The plumber is coming back to install a new shower head free, so that might help. We have trouble with the well, and the landlady might have a new well put in. So that’s been my life for the last month. I’ve been too pre-occupied to write anything. There is one thing I learned about COVID 19. The government of China made the virus purposely to kill off millions of its people. But I don’t think its as dangerous as the regular flu, which kills far more people than the coronavirus has so far. The people who are getting the virus have fairly mild symptoms.

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