Fascism. Rees and Tavistock understood, through their extensive engagement in group work, that manipulation based on bourgeois conceptions of the outside world as magical (motherly) was fundamental to mass control. In other words, the Institute looked for methods by which to manage populations by exploiting their ideology. By first creating numerous social groups and then setting such groups into competition each against the other, a self-policing fascist social order could be established. It was merely necessary to atomize the subject population, employing psychiatric weaponry to the effect of dividing the people against itself: setting race against race, language group against language group, women’s self interest against men as ‘oppressive,’ further divide them by professional category and so on. The military then will never be confronted by more than a small material force. Tavistock brainwashers increased productivity and intensity of labor at the expense of the health of workers. In other words, Rockefeller induced self-motivated destruction of the self, a society of brainwashed zombies, content to subsist on the brink of starvation, performing sado-masochistic acts of sodomy for a perceptibly irrational sort of psychotic holocaust. All of it is based on a sort of perverse dionysian sodomic mindless fanaticism within the broader framework of Rees’ Rockefeller model of fascist society. “The purpose is to function under a spiraling reduction in standard income and working conditions.” There is a method to this madness, however. Anyone who objects is told they are maladjusted. The idea was that peer pressure would play a big role in these groups. Such techniques play on the guilt of the one who protests with both sledgehammer and scalpel, and the person degrades himself and accepts the verdict. He begins producing more. Estulin says that the concept of Zero Growth economy was introduced by the Ford Foundation. It also refers to zero population growth. And Estulin says you can’t have Zero Growth today without mass genocide tomorrow.**************** Now, about the election. If Biden gets the Democratic nomination, and wins the general election, the Deep State will come back. I like Joe Biden, but all the usual suspects will appear in the White House and Executive Branch. They will have more power than ever. And its not just them. They are tied to the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group (that group decides our fate), and all kinds of nasty people like Jeff Epstein. Now, Sanders cannot possibly beat Trump in the general election. The country does not want a socialist and his base is too small. I am still trying to figure out Trump. I am very pleased that he got us out of the Middle East. We don’t belong there and they hate us. We were over there for the purpose of guarding a portal to another place, so maybe it has vanished. Trump also destroyed ISIS, which was a job no one else seemed able to do. The economy was improving when Trump came into office, but he didn’t make any mistakes–but let’s face it, that tax cut benefited the rich more than it did the middle class. QAnon gave him a list of 10 things they wanted him to do and I don’t think he has done them. There are thousands of sealed indictments waiting for him to serve on people like Epstein. It is said to be a highly confidential process, with secret courts, so perhaps it’s going on in some other dimension. Anyway, I might vote for Trump rather than see the Deep State come back and put my dislike aside.

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