Urantia Book 89. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. The Spirit of Truth. The new helper which Jesus promised to send into the hearts of believers, to pour out upon all flesh, is the Spirit of Truth. This divine endowment is not the letter or law of truth, neither is it to function as the form or expression of truth. The new teacher is the ‘conviction of truth,’ the consciousness and assurance of true meanings on real spirit levels. And this new teacher is the spirit of living and growing truth, expanding, unfolding, and adaptive truth. Divine truth is spirit discerned and living reality. Truth exists only on high spiritual levels of the realization of divinity and the consciousness of communication with God. You cannot imprison truth in formulas, codes, creeds or intellectual patterns of human conduct. When you undertake the formulation of divine truth, it speedily dies. Static truth is dead truth, and only dead truth can be held as a theory. Living truth is dynamic, and can only enjoy an experiential existence in the human mind. Intelligence grows out of material existence which is illuminated by the presence of the cosmic mind. Wisdom comprises the consciousness of knowledge elevated to new levels of meaning and activated by the presence of the universe endowment of the adjutant of wisdom. Truth is a spiritual reality value experienced only by spirit-endowed beings who function on supermaterial levels of universe consciousness, and who, after the realization of truth, permit its spirit of activation to live and reign within their souls. But the spiritually unprogressive soul is forever dragging the living truth down to the dead levels of wisdom and the domain of mere exalted knowledge. So the golden rule, when divested of its place as an insight of the Spirit of Truth, becomes nothing more than a rule of high ethical conduct. Practicing it may even get you in trouble if you offend someone. Some may experience this rule as an intellectual affirmation; others as emotional gratification; others may interpret this golden rule as a yardstick for measuring all social relations; or as a positive injunction of a great moral teacher. In the believing kingdom of the brotherhood of God-knowing truth lovers, this golden rule takes on living qualities of realization on those higher levels of interpretation which cause the mortal sons of God to view this injunction of the Master as requiring them to relate themselves to their fellows that they will receive the highest possible good as a result of the believers contact with them. This is the essence of true religion: that you love your neighbor as yourself. And when such spirit led mortals realize the true meaning of this golden rule, they are filled to overflowing with the assurance of citizenship in a friendly universe, and their ideals of spirit reality are satisfied only when they love their fellows as Jesus loved us all, and that is the reality of the love of God. This same philosophy of the living flexibility and cosmic adaptability of divine truth to the individual requirements and capacity of every child of God, must be perceived before you can hope adequately to understand the Master’s teaching and practice of non-resistance to evil. The Master’s teaching is basically a spiritual pronouncement. Even the material implications of his philosophy cannot be helpfully considered apart from their spiritual correlations. The spirit of the Master’s injunction consists in the non-resistance of all selfish reaction to the universe, coupled with the aggressive and progressive attainment of righteous levels of true spirit values: divine beauty, infinite goodness and eternal truth–to know God and to become increasingly like him. And so may we clearly recognize that neither the golden rule nor the teaching of non-resistance can ever be understood properly as dogmas or precepts. They can only be comprehended by living them, by realizing their meanings, in the living interpretation of the Spirit of Truth, who directs the loving contact of one human being with another. Neither tradition nor a ceremonial system of formal worship can atone for the lack of genuine compassion for one’s fellows.

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