Water. Water is the most important commodity on the planet. Most people, right now, have a regular supply of water. There are those times in the summer when a well might go dry, like my landlady’s almost did one summer. We were afraid. And there are hot countries where water is scarce, but food can give water like watermelon. Water helps to ensure that our bodies stay at the temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and when we dehydrate, our bodily mechanisms strain to keep our temperatures in check. Death can follow a heatstroke if not treated right away. It’s the one thing we simply can’t do without. It’s easy to see how, if the world’s population is restricted to a limited amount of water on a daily basis, disasters and death could soon follow. Ruthlessly regulating the world’s water supply is, perhaps more than any other, the one way we could find ourselves as slaves to the controllers. But could it happen? Yes, and it would be all too easy to do. Redfern says the world population is growing, maybe to 20 billion, and some one in charge will decide to ration the water. But the population is starting to drop due to the better health of women and their new ability to make choices. But still, his argument is sound. The problem is that nobody knows how much water is left in the aquifers that supply us with water. There is an aquifer under Saudi Arabia that could give water for the next 2 thousand years or the next 20 years. No one knows. Much of our drinking water, especially rivers, are very polluted. Expensive sewage treatment facilities are needed if the water is to be used again. According to the UN Millennium Development Goals Report of 2012, 11% of the global population remain without access to an improved source of drinking water. But the world has made the MDG drinking water five years ahead of time, but there is still work to be done.(Millennium Development Goals) But things are still bad. According to “Market Oracle and Global Research” a disturbing trend in the water sector is accelerating worldwide. The new water barons–the Wall Street Banks and elitist multibillionaires–are buying water up all over the world at an unprecedented pace.” They are meddling with the survival of all of us. And the Bush family have recognized that controlling water is the next big thing. Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck said that no one should consider it a right to have water. He sees a situation in which the government and corporations control the water supplies. His goal is the privatization of water supplies. But there might be a solution.

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