Urantia Book 95. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. In the evening of that Wednesday the apostles were gripped with a feeling of foreboding. They knew something was going to happen, and they were tense and restless. Jesus was cheerful, which seemed alien and out of place. Silent messengers came and went, communicating only with David Zebedee. The Master tried to cheer his downcast apostles, but that was well-nigh impossible. This was the occasion of Jesus’ warning his apostles to beware of the support of the multitude. “When the rulers of the Jews reach an agreement to destroy the Son of Man, and when they strike with one accord, you will see the multitudes either flee in dismay or else stand by in silent amazement while these blinded and maddened rulers lead the teachers of the gospel truth to their death… Some who have been very close to us have already made up their minds to desert. Pray that you may be strengthened for the days that are just ahead.” They all felt the terrible isolation which was about to descend with crashing suddenness and inescapable terror. None felt prepared to face the test (177.5.1-4).******************************* Thursday. This would be their last day at camp. They went up the hill to a secluded spot where Jesus could deliver his last address to the apostles and chosen disciples. His discourse was on the topic of Sonship and Citizenship. Jesus said: There is nothing incompatible between the rule of Caesar and the rule of the kingdom, except if Caesar demands worship as a god. In that case you should continue to worship God while instructing the worshipers of Caesar in the kingdom of God. Also you must enlighten such misguided rulers about the truth of the One God. Don’t try to employ physical force to change these rulers, who may sometime become believers, in the work of furthering the mission of the spiritual kingdom. Sonship in the kingdom, from the standpoint of advancing civilization, should assist you in becoming ideal citizens of the kingdoms of this world since brotherhood and service are the cornerstones of the gospel of the kingdom… You should manifest the righteous ministry of loving service to believers and unbelievers alike. In the gospel of the kingdom there resides the mighty Spirit of Truth, and presently I will pour out this Spirit upon all flesh. The fruits of the Spirit, your sincere and loving service, are the mighty social lever to uplift the races of darkness, and this Spirit of Truth will become your power- multiplying fulcrum. Display wisdom and exhibit sagacity in your dealings with unbelieving civil rulers…In every possible way–in every thing short of your spiritual allegiance to the rulers of the universe–seek to live peacefully with all men. Be you always as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves. This gospel will eventually enlighten the whole world and will gradually result in the separation of politics and religion. The persistent preaching of this gospel will someday bring to all nations a new and unbelievable liberation, intellectual freedom and religious liberty. Do not try to force people to believe in the kingdom of heaven. Remember always: what ever you would like done to you, do so to your brother.” You are not to be passive mystics or colorless ascetics; you should not become dreamers and drifters, supinely trusting in a fictitious Providence to provide even the necessities of life. You must be aggressive in the preaching of this gospel of the kingdom, even to the ends of the earth. From generation to generation this gospel must show increasing vitality and exhibit greater depth of spiritual power. It must not be allowed to become merely a sacred memory, a mere tradition about me and the times in which we now live. And forget not: we have not made any direct attack upon the persons or the authority of those who sit in Moses’ seat; we only offered them the new light, which they have so far vigorously rejected…. But you are not to attack the old ways; you are to put skillfully the leaven of new truth into the midst of old beliefs. Remember to love one another. Show yourselves to be loyal citizens, upright artisans, praiseworthy neighbors, devoted kinsmen, understanding parents, and sincere believers in the brotherhood of the Father’s kingdom. And my spirit will be upon you, now, and to the end of the world”(178.1.1-17).

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