Erasing History. One way we are being controlled is by keeping us ignorant of certain historical events. The UB mentions Enki, the Annunaki, only briefly , but it doesn’t say anything about how the Reptilians took over the Annunaki and the rest of the world. Adam and Eve, who were sent to earth/Urantia to uplift the races, defaulted and left earth before their job was finished. The Smithsonian takes all the bones of giants (12-15 feet tall) and puts them into the basement so no one can see them. Bones? What bones? The Controllers have hidden or destroyed history all over the planet. There are very large cities underground which we are not allowed to know about. UFOs haven’t had a public introduction-its still a big mystery. The secret space programs are still off limits to the masses. Roswell is still a mystery, and it hasn’t been determined if that body is a biological robot, or a clone or a living/breathing ET–and after all these years. I know those little grays are real. I saw one on YouTube at the Skinwalker Ranch. The thing was peeking out from behind a chair. Steven Schiff, a Congressman from New Mexico, tried to find out what happened at Roswell, and was told the records were gone. The GAO looked into and they were told that files from 1945 to 1951 couldn’t be located. And the cover-ups by the government have kept the public in the dark. The assassination of President Kennedy is one example. The story is that Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy from a book depository and all the other details are ignored. The attack on the World Trade Center and two other targets we are told was planned and carried out by Muslim extremists. None of the thousands of tiny clues that tell a different story are considered. And then there’s the Baghdad Museum. Someone who knew exactly which artifacts he wanted and where they were raided the museum before soldiers could get there to guard it. For one of the artifacts they would need a forklift. This has the fingerprints of elite controllers all over it. Now the Sumerian and Babylonian clay tablets are in danger–they tell the stories of our earliest beginnings. Many people are in the dark about a plan of the controllers to cut the population of the earth down to 1 billion; some say 500,000,000. Labs are places where all kinds of substances are produced, deadly viruses among them. We have no way of knowing whether these scientists are working for the controllers, but we know of many wrong headed decisions made in the FDA. We still have fluoride in our water. And then there is chemtrails? Jim Marrs, a conspiracy researcher, looked into this topic. It seems that he connected with a Louisiana TV station which was also researching chemtrails. Jeff Ferrell, an investigative journalist, had water tested that came from a chemtrail. The water contained levels of barium more than 3 times greater than recommended by the EPA. The US Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry says of barium: “Eating or drinking very large amounts of barium compounds that dissolve in water or in the stomach can cause changes in heart rhythm or paralysis in humans. Some people who did not seek medical treatment have died.” So now we know; we’re being poisoned. It also said the Controllers are dumping this largely over the US but not at all over China because they want to see China become the next superpower. Nice, huh?

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