The Agenda. Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld said: “Since public school authorities always complain of lack of parental interest in their children’s education, its a great pleasure watching parents at homeschool conventions poring over books, listening attentively to speakers, and purchasing curricula. Homeschooling has made these parents intensely interested in the education of their children. This can only benefit the family and society we live in. America is at a very crucial period in our history. Our national sovereignty is being continuously diminished by the New World Order clique that wants us to spearhead the movement into world government.” Blumenfeld thinks that students are being indoctrinated into the concepts of world citizenship and ethnocentrism, which is defined as the “evaluation of other cultures according to preconceptions originating in the standards and customs of one’s own culture.” So Redfern believes students are being “dumbed down.” I disagree. There are all levels of students. My grandchildren are in advanced classes, and special education students are mainstreamed. Some special education students take their courses with a special education teacher, but they are the same courses as the mainstreamed students take. So the proper way to see education in America is to see it in layers. It’s not black and white.************************* The second way the controllers are trying to dumb us down is their attacks on journalism and journalists. Investigative journalism is almost at the vanishing point, according to Redfern. The media fails to inform us of world events that we have a right to know about; and its a war that is being fought with “incredible and disturbing speed.”*********************** There is a potential tragedy brewing in the UK. The newspaper, “Telegraph” reported a story that should make journalists weep. “New laws restricting Britain’s free press is coming into force…its the most substantial threat to press freedom in the modern era. “The Telegraph’s” landmark investigation into the MPs’ expenses would have been all but impossible under the new regime. Let me add another note on education. The materials are provided for every student and all of them even have tablets or any device they can use to connect with the internet. That’s ALL of them. They frequently do their assignments on them. People who criticize education without having spent one day in a classroom are dumber than the students they are calling dumb.

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